Saturday, June 28, 2014

Cardinals Graphing Recap

Here is a brief recap of graphing the Cardinals over the weekend.

I took full advantage of my Dodger Pride Rewards card aka MVP pass to get into the stadium early. I was able to take some photos of the Dodgers warming up.

Here is a photo below of the Dodgers stretching.

A photo of Ryu playing catch with Paul Maholm.

And Ryu posing as a batter while Clayton Kershaw pitches.

In terms of graphing the Dodgers it was terrible today. Nobody except Chris Perez picked up a pen. Sadly I had nothing left to Chris to sign since he signed all of my cards last time I was at the stadium.

I blame the asinine rule that Dodger Stadium implemented to prevent graphers from maximizing their opportunities. They block out the baseline seats to prevent graphers from getting autographs. Thus unless you have baseline seats it's tough to get autographs from the Dodgers as well as from opposing teams during batting practice. The rule is that the player has to summon you over for you to be able to get an autograph since the ushers are strict and take their jobs way too seriously at Dodger Stadium.

I was able to get one autograph inside the stadium today which was from Seth Maness who signed a card for me. Seth was cool about signing. I had to explain the rules of the stadium to him to convince him to summon me over to get his autograph over the baseline seats.

Here is a photo of Seth below signing for fans with baseline seats.

The cards pictured below is what I got over the weekend either via pre or postgame graphing.

The biggest tease was when I saw Frank Thomas on the field since Fox was televising the game.

Sadly I had no access to him so I couldn't get his autograph. The picture above shows him talking to Matt Kemp on the field.

Despite the asinine rules implemented by Dodger Stadium security and staff I was still able to pick up some quality autographs from the Cardinals this past weekend.

Matt Carpenter signed a 2013 All Star ball for me under the logo with the 1st All Star Game inscription.

I ended up getting ROMLBs signed on the SS by Trevor Rosenthal and Carlos Martinez.

Allen Craig on a 2011 World Series ball under the logo.

Lance Lynn on a 2012 All Star ball. Sadly he politely declined when I asked him for the 1st ASG inscription.

Finally Adam Wainwright on a 2006 World Series baseball under the logo.

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