Saturday, December 12, 2009

Magic Johnson Book Signing Costco 12-12-09

This event was an oldie but one of the best signings i've ever been to. It was a cold 40 degree rainy day and Magic Johnson had a book signing at Costco in Los Feliz to promote his new book When The Game Was Ours. He was scheduled to be signing his book from 12-1:30pm. There was no information that Magic would be signing any outside items prior to the event. My buddy Nick and I still headed out there to meet one of the all time greats and to hopefully get a book signed. Just in case I brought two authentic Magic Johnson jerseys to get signed. I was hoping and praying that they would allow outside items but we went to the signing with low expectations. We arrived at Costco at around 8am and there were already about 75 people waiting in line. The guy in the front was waiting outside of Costco since 5am and he drove up from Northern California. That's dedication and a true die hard Laker fan.

When the Costco store opened up they allowed us to wait inside the store. It was raining and freezing cold outside. We were allowed to purchase up to five books with a Costco membership card. When the signing started Costco made an announcement that Magic will indeed sign outside items. What was cool was that he would sign your book along with one outside item. So if you bought five books you can get all five books signed plus five outside items. Costco also sold the books at a discounted rate at around $15 so it was a steal. Plus Magic was doing free inscriptions in just about everything. Nick and I ended up buying five books. Nick didn't bring an outside item so we had three more items to get signed since I brought two jerseys along. We noticed that while in line that Costco had basketballs available for sale so we picked up three basketballs to get signed along with the two jerseys I brought with me and the five books we purchased. Magic was nice enough to sign everything along with inscriptions. He personalized both jerseys for me which I again didn't mind since I won't be selling any of the jerseys. The home gold Magic Johnson Champion jersey is an authentic from the early 90s from his playing days and the road purple is a Mitchell and Ness jersey.

Here is the haul. Nick ended up getting a basketball and three books signed. I ended up with two jerseys, two basketballs and two books signed.

Thanks again to Costco and Magic Johnson for a memorable event.