Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Angels vs Twins Graphing 6-25-14

Since I got out of work early today, I was able to attend the Angels vs Twins game. Thanks to my buddy Kyle, I was able to attend the game for free since he had an extra ticket for me. Thanks again for the ticket Kyle. Everyone go check out Kyle's facebook page and hit him up on Twitter. He does amazing artwork.

The goal today was to get Paul Molitor's autograph. Today was the 1/2 Way to Christmas Santa Hat Giveaway day. When I arrived at the stadium the Angels decorated the entire stadium with a Christmas Holiday theme.

They even had artificial snow blowing out of the front gates and also had reindeer in front of the stadium gates.

When I entered the stadium the Twins were already warming up.

The first autograph I got was from Kyle Gibson who signed a ROMLB on the SS for me. Kyle was cool with the fans as he made sure everyone got an autograph today.

The biggest surprise of the day was finally getting Joe Mauer's autograph. He ended up signing about 10 autographs over the dugout. I decided to have him sign a 2009 All Star baseball for me since that was his MVP season.

I also ended up getting cards signed by Kevin Correia and Kurt Suzuki.

Although I missed out on getting Paul Molitor's autograph today, I was happy with the results especially since I was finally able to add Joe Mauer's autograph to my personal collection.

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