Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lakers vs Rockets Game 11-18-12

I decided to attend the Lakers vs Rockets game with my friend Nick to check out Linsanity. It's been about 3 years since I last attended a Lakers game live at the Staples Center so I was excited to check it out. Plus it was a nice chance to see Jeremy Lin play at the Staples Center. I went to Staples without expecting to graph at all since there is a reputation that it's a fortress and is difficult to get any of the players to sign so I went as a spectator to watch the game with no intention of graphing.

As we walked toward the Staples Center there was a huge crowd surrounding Kareem's new statue.

I wanted to get inside as early as possible to check out the players warming up. As soon as we entered we noticed that Metta World Peace, Jordan Hill and Chris Duhon were warming up.

After shoot around Jordan Hill started to sign for the fans. I came unprepared not anticipating that any of the Lakers would sign. Staples Center security is strict since they don't let you go down near the floor unless you have a ticket in that section. Our tickets were located on the section next to where the Lakers player tunnel is. Since I didn't have anything prepared for Jordan to sign I had him sign my game ticket.

Following Jordan Hill, Chris Duhon walked over after shoot around and signed for the fans. As expected there weren't that many graphers since most people know it's just generally tough to graph the Lakers at the Staples Center. Plus the high ticket prices weed out the graphers as well. Again I didn't come prepared so I had Chris sign the back of my ticket.

Metta ended up passing by everyone and just gave fans high fives and didn't sign. My buddy Harry ended up getting Pau Gasol's autograph during shoot around during opening night so I actually wore my Pau Gasol jersey to the game today hoping he would sign. I really went to the game with zero to no expectation of getting his autograph today. Pau ended up running out of the tunnel to warm up. He was the last player to come out of the locker room to warm up prior to the beginning of the game.

I knew this was my big opportunity. As soon as Pau finished warming up I started to wave my Pau Gasol jersey near the railing to catch his attention as he was walking back to the locker room. Sure enough it worked. Pau directly came over to me, grabbed my jersey and signed it. I was stoked. I finally got Pau Gasol's autograph.

Overall it was an awesome game and also a historic game as Pau Gasol scored his 15,000th point, Kobe Bryant had the 18th Triple Double of his career, Jeremy Lin had 10 assists and the Lakers beat the Rockets 119 to 108.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Eric Bledsoe Signing Kia Glendale

I decided to go to the Eric Bledsoe autograph signing at Kia Glendale today.  Eric was scheduled to sign autographs from 3-4. It's been awhile since I've attended a free signing so it was a nice way to start off a new season of NBA graphing. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the signing. When I arrived there were about 30 people in front of me in line.

What I love about Clipper signings is that it doesn't get chaotic like Laker signings. Clipper fans are more laid back and the funny thing is everyone shows up late. If it was a Laker signing people would have camped out for hours in advance. When the signing started there was about 200 fans waiting in line. The line moved pretty quickly. Eric was signing multiple items for the first group in line and he was even nice enough to take photos with fans.

Since I had Eric sign a basketball for me during All Star Weekend a few years ago at the Eric Gordon and Eric Bledsoe Walmart signing I decided to get my 11x14 photo signed. Eric was nice enough to also take a photo with me as well.

 My friend James ended up getting his Nike Huarache 2K4s signed by Eric. It came out great.

 I wish all signings were this quick and easy. I want to thank the staff of Glendale Kia for hosting this signing and making the event run so smoothly.