Thursday, July 3, 2014

Astros Graphing

I devoted one day to graph the Astros. Normally I would take time off and not graph the Astros but I got suckered into the hype of Jose Altuve and George Springer.

I got cards signed by Scott Feldman, Jarred Cosart, Carlos Corporan, Jose Altuve, Brad Peacock, and Jonathan Singleton. Scott was a cool guy as usual. He helped me get Jarred Cosart and Brad Peacock to sign for me as well.

I finally dropped a baseball on Jose Altuve. He's really underrated in my opinion due to his diminutive stature but the guy can hit. He was kind enough to sign my 2012 All Star baseball under the logo with 1st All Star inscription.

Finally I got George Springer. He was signing up a storm as some graphers ended up getting 8 Sports Illustrated magazine covers signed this past weekend. I was happy to get my 1 ROMLB signed on the SS.


  1. Nice pick ups as usual! Did you get springer in the stadium or outside?

    1. Thanks Matt. I got him outside the stadium. He signed a ton of autos during the series. I was happy to get one. He's good but i'm still on the fence with him.