Friday, July 18, 2014

Mariners and Orioles Graphing Recaps

Here is a relatively short recap of Mariners and Orioles graphing.

I did poorly when I graphed the Mariners partly due to my work schedule which caused me to miss out on both Cano and King Felix when the series began on Friday.

However I was able to get Kyle Seager on a 2014 All Star baseball with the 1st All Star Game inscription.

Corey Hart also signed my 2008 All Star baseball under the logo as well. However he denied my request of adding the 1st ASG inscription.

I also got cards signed by James Jones, Justin Smoak, Endy Chavez, Dustin Ackley, Kyle Seager and Chris Young.

On a brighter note I did get Mike Trout on a 2012 All Star ball thanks to my buddy Caligraphs. Thanks again for the Trout baseball. Everyone make sure to follow him on IG even though he is planning on retirement soon. Caligraphs will be missed.

I also got a Pablo Sandoval on a 2011 All Star ball as well from my friend Matt. Thanks for the Pablo baseball Matt.

I didn't graph the Orioles much due to work. The one and only autograph I got postgame was from Manny Machado who signed a 2013 All Star ball for me.

I also ended up getting Nelson Cruz on a 2014 All Star ball with the assistance from my friend Tyler who was able to get me Nelson's autograph during the second game of the series which I missed once again due to my busy work schedule.

I want to thank Tyler again for his generosity.

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