Sunday, July 13, 2014

Stars and Strikes Celebrity Bowling Classic

I'm basically not even going to get into details of this event since my friend Ryan summed it up best on his blog.

It was a charity bowling event hosted by Bobby Wagner of the Seahawks and Omar Bolden of the Broncos who were both local NFL players that grew up in the Inland Empire. A donation of $75 basically got you in the door.

We were there with the hopes of meeting Superbowl hero Russell Wilson who was one of the invited guests to the event along with NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, Darren Collison, Duke Ihenacho and Chris Carter.

The handler at the door who was from Russell Wilson's Pass Academy even confirmed that Russell would be at the event so we had no problem making the donation to get inside the event.

Unfortunately out of the invited guests only Darren Collison, Duke Ihenacho and Chris Carter ended up showing up. Collison showed up after the event was over. We were all upset since we were misled by Russell's handler who falsely told us that Russell would be attending the event to draw more people in for more donations.

What made matters worse is how Bobby Wagner, who was one of the hosts, treated all of us in a rude manner and was a complete jerk to us. He seemed annoyed when people were asking him for autographs or photo ops. I thought that since it was his charity event, I expected the host to be nicer to his guests.

I ended up getting one photo signed by Bobby Wagner. Again it was rushed since he wasn't in the mood to sign. I guess people change for the worse when they win the Superbowl.

On the other hand Omar Bolden was extremely nice to all of the guests posing for photos and signing for anyone who asked for his autograph. I ended up getting a photo signed by Omar as well.

Finally Darren Collison showed up after the event ended and I ended up with two signed photos.

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