Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hank Conger and Chris Iannetta Signing at Stadium Nissan 3-29-14

Today was going to be one of those long all day graphing affairs. It's been a long time since I graphed so it was nice to be back for baseball season. The first stop was the Hank Conger and Chris Iannetta signing at Stadium Nissan. The signing at Stadium Nissan was scheduled to take place from 11am-1pm.

The last time I was here was when Peter Bourjos and Ernesto Frieri had an autograph signing. You can read the recap here. The main goal why I even attended this signing was to get my Hank Conger 11x14 photo signed. I had this photo for over two years now. My friend Cherine was the one who gave me the photo as a gift but I was too lazy to chase Hank around the stadium to get it signed until today. Hank is usually great about signing but whenever I ran into him last year I wouldn't have the photo with me or i'd bring the photo on a day he wasn't signing. Today was the day to finally get the photo signed.

I arrived at around 10am since I didn't expect a large turnout. Luckily I was right as only about 30 people were ahead of me when I got in line.

I met up with my friend Benson who was nice enough to hook me up with an 8x10 Chris Iannetta photo since I was too lazy to properly prepare for this signing. Thanks again Benson for the photo.

The line ran smoothly as it was strictly one autograph from each player per person. Since the line was short a lot of people went back in line to get multiple items signed. I was just happy to get the photos done today. Chris was the first to sign and he signed my 8x10 photo for me.

Afterwards Hank signed my 11x14 photo and was nice enough to inscribe "Go Halos." I asked him if he had a Korean signature but unfortunately he told me he didn't have one but is learning how to write in Korean.

The picture above shows Hank staring at the photo Benson brought him to sign. Hank was literally staring at the photo for a few minutes so Benson and I were both thinking that Hank had trouble deciding which area would be the perfect spot to sign. Hank was impressed by the photo and told us he really liked it so we offered to hook him up with the same photo next time we run into him at the stadium.

After we got our photos signed we headed straight towards Angels Stadium to check out the Mike Trout Press Conference and Angels Fiesta.

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