Monday, April 7, 2014

Dodgers vs Giants Post Game Graphing 4-5-14

I decided to hit up Dodger Stadium for the first time this season for post game graphing with my friend Jose. The goal today was to get my Tim Lincecum jersey signed.

We arrived at the stadium around the 8th inning. The Dodgers ended up doing a ton of renovations this offseason. They added seats overlooking the bullpen as you can see from the photo below.

I wasn't too focused on taking photos today as my focus was on getting Tim Lincecum's autograph on my jersey. Next time I attend a game i'll take more photos of the renovations.

Luck was on my side today as Tim Lincecum immediately signed my jersey as he was walking out of the stadium with Ryan Vogelsong. Tim basically instructed me to hold on to the jersey so he could sign it.

That pretty much made my day. With jerseys you just never know when you will be able to get them signed. Sometimes you end up holding onto the jersey for years before you get them signed. Luckily I didn't have to wait too long to get my Timmy jersey signed.

As a bonus Jose was kind enough to help me get another Lincecum autograph by getting a 2008 All Star ball signed. As everyone knows my goal this year is to get as many commemorative baseballs signed by superstar players specifically their first all star games. Thanks again Jose for helping me out.

Afterwards Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner, Matt Cain and Tim Hudson walked out of Dodgers Stadium together. I asked Buster Posey to sign a 2012 WS ball for me. Initially I didn't think he was going to sign but surprisingly he picked up my baseball and signed it under the logo. That was the only autograph he signed that day post game. Even though the autograph came out haggard I couldn't complain since Buster is one of the tougher graphs to get in the hobby. It was nice to finally add his autograph to the collection. Getting Buster's autograph was just another bonus to a great day of graphing.

The last autograph was from Coach Bruce Bochy who signed my 2014 Topps Heritage card for me.


  1. WOW! The Lincecum autograph on the jersey came out beautiful. What kind of pen is that? Is that the Uni-ball silver paint pen, fine point? I have one of those. Not sure if you recommended using that brand and point size for jerseys.

  2. Wow!!! Strong work out there. You put in the time, made it all worth it. Congrats