Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mike Trout Press Conference/Fiesta Angels 3-29-14

After getting our photos signed by Hank Conger and Chris Iannetta, Benson and I headed straight towards Angels Stadium.

We decided to head towards the Angels parking lot to check and see if any of the Angels would sign coming in. Sadly nobody signed except Matt Shoemaker who signed my first 2014 Topps heritage card for me.

Afterwards we headed out to Fiesta Angels.

The Mike Trout press conference was actually held inside Fiesta Angels inside the stadium parking lot. As soon as the gates opened we decided to go straight towards the stage where Mike Trout was going to be hoping to get his autograph. The Angels held a press conference for him to announce his six year $144.5 million dollar contract extension. You can read about it here. 

Our goal was to position ourselves to get Mike Trout's autograph after he was finished talking to media at his press conference.

Unfortunately we chose the wrong side as Mike Trout entered on the left side of the stage while we were stuck on the right side. Many Angel alumni and current players such as Albert Pujols, Jered Weaver, David Freese and Raul Ibanez were on hand to support Mike on his new contract extension.

However in the end the positioning didn't matter as Trout and the rest of the Angels in attendance didn't sign any autographs coming in and leaving the press conference. 

More bad news was the fact that Fiesta Angels was a complete bust as none of the current players of the Angels were part of the autograph sessions.  The first autograph session included Gary Disarcina, Don Baylor and Steve Soliz. The afternoon autograph session included Chuck Finley and I think Mark Langston. Pretty much guys that always sign so autograph wise the Fiesta was a complete bust so I skipped the entire thing.

On a side note the Angels need to revamp their fanfest aka fiesta and follow what other teams do. First of all they should release an autograph schedule of who is signing to make the event more organized. They can also sell autograph vouchers like what most other teams do with all proceeds going to charity. Maybe do a charity donation of $100 per person who wants to get an autograph from top players like Pujols and Trout and maybe a $50 donation for players like Hamilton and Weaver and $20 for the rest of the other players. It was just a thought. In terms of season ticket holder benefits I think the Halos are way behind compared to the benefits that other season tickets holders get from other mlb teams.

Since Fiesta was a complete bust we decided to grab a quick bite and headed towards the stadium to graph the Dodgers during BP.

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