Thursday, April 24, 2014

Phillies Graphing Recap

The Phillies were in town so I decided to get some autographs. Here is a view from my seats.

I love watching free baseball. Here is a photo I took of the Phillies bullpen.

Ryan Howard was cool as he ended up having a signing session for the fans. He literally mingled with everyone and talked about the Clippers and the NBA playoffs for about 15 minutes knocking out multiples for everyone.

Ryan was kind enough to sign two baseballs for me. I wish I had a 2006 AS ball for him for my first all star game project but I ran out of those. Thus I settled for a 2010 AS ball since that's my favorite All Star Game since it was played locally in Anaheim.

Finally I was able to get one of my holy grails which is Ryne Sandberg's autograph on a HOF ball. That pretty much made my night. It's always a good day when you add another HOFer into your collection.

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  1. Love reading about your successes. New to the area and was wondering if you could help out. I'm trying to find the visitor's entrance/exit at both Angels Stadium and Dodgers Stadium. Looking to bolster my collection.