Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angels vs Dodgers Game 3-29-14

After the whole Fiesta Angels fiasco, Benson and I decided to check out the Angels vs Dodgers game. Thanks to Benson who had an extra ticket for me we were able to graph the Dodgers during batting practice.

It just felt good to be back after a long absence from the stadium during the offseason. It was also a reunion of some sorts since all the graphers were there along with all the nice ushers at the stadium.

In the beginning there wasn't much action going on in terms of graphing but I did get my first BP ball of the year from Joc Pederson.

The first player to sign over the dugout was Matt Kemp who has always been cool with me and signed my 2012 All Star Baseball under the logo. The reason why I had to get this baseball signed was because I needed something to match my Matt Kemp 2012 All Star Homerun Derby jersey. I really hope Matt has a comeback season this year.

Next up was Zach Lee who signed a ROMLB on the SS for me.

That was pretty much it for BP graphing. It was certainly a slow day at the office today. Post game graphing wasn't any better as only Dee Gordon and Chone Figgins signed for us.

Dee was strictly one per today but thanks to my friend Ryan I was able to get two cards signed by Dee.

The highlight of the night was getting Chone Figgins' autograph. I've always wanted to add his auto to my personal collection since I'm trying to get every key member of the 2002 Angels World Series Championship team on a single SS ROMLB. I've been trying to chase down Chone since his Mariner days so it was nice to finally add his autograph to my collection. Chone was also nice enough to inscribe 2002 WSC on the baseball as well.

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