Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ernesto Frieri and Peter Bourjos signing Stadium Nissan

I decided to go to the Ernesto Frieri and Peter Bourjos autograph signing at Stadium Nissan. Both players were scheduled to sign from 11-12:30. I arrived at the signing around 8:30 and I was about 50th in line.

I love attending free signings since you always run into old friends in the graphing community. Here is a picture of my famous friend Nancy aka Sombrero Girl photobombing as I was able to take a picture of the line for my blog entry.

Nancy is always at Angel Stadium so if any of my readers run into her please tell her to stop photobombing my pictures lol.

My goal for this signing was to get my 11x14 photo signed by Ernesto Frieri and my 12x18 photo signed by Peter Bourjos. Large photos are tough to carry around the stadium all the time so I reserve these items to be signed at autograph appearances since the signing takes place in a controlled environment and you get a better quality autograph.

While I was in line I was selected to be interviewed by the legend himself Roger Lodge.

Afterwards I was given two tickets to the Angels vs Mariners game on Sunday. Thanks for the tickets AM 830 and Roger Lodge.

Ernesto Frieri and Peter Bourjos ended up signing my photos for me. I was happy with the results.

In the end about 250 fans showed up for the autograph signing. I want to thank Stadium Nissan for hosting this great event and being so nice and generous providing free food and refreshments for the fans waiting in line. I wish all signings can run smoothly like this.

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