Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angels Workout 3-30-14

Thanks to a tip from my friends Yosh and Joe I decided to graph the Angels Workout during their off day. The workout was voluntary as only half of the Angels showed up to get their workouts in prior to Opening Day.

The workout was quite a productive day of Angels graphing compared to the previous day where I was only able to get Matt Shoemaker's autograph.

I ended up getting cards signed by Hector Santiago, Joe Smith, Kole Calhoun, and John McDonald.

Tyler Skaggs ended up signing an entire page of cards for me after we had a conversation regarding a pair of Nike Roshe Runs he was wearing that day.

Josh Hamilton signed my 2009 All Star ball for me and a standard ROMLB on the SS. For some reason no bible verse today.

Last but not least I was finally able to get David Freese's autograph on my 2011 World Series ball. For some reason I was nervous when I asked him for his autograph and accidentally asked him to inscribe 2012 World Series MVP instead of 2011 WS MVP. We all got a good laugh about it and David was in good spirits after I told him I messed up because I was nervous. He happily signed my 2011 WS baseball with the correct inscription.

Yosh didn't have anything for Freese since he already had Freese sign his items at Spring Training so he helped me get a ROMLB signed on the SS with the same inscription. Thanks again Yosh.

It was cool of David Freese to also include his old jersey number on his autographs. Another cool thing he did was for my friend Jeremy. For some reason his bic pen failed on him so the autograph came out really light since the pen didn't start initially. David ended up going back and retraced the signature carefully so it would look nicer without even Jeremy asking him to resign the baseball.