Sunday, August 19, 2012

Shin-Soo Choo Hanmi Bank Signing 8-14-12

Shin-Soo Choo had an autograph signing at Hanmi Bank in Buena Park. He was scheduled to sign from 11am-12pm. This was one signing I really wanted to attend since Choo is one of my favorite players in the MLB. Since I had work I couldn't make it out to the signing. Luckily I had my dad along with fellow graphers to help me out today. Since I wasn't sure if my dad would make it out there on time for the signing my friends Benson and Eric offered to try getting an extra item signed for me. The rules were strictly one item per person. (The photo below is from Steve)

My dad did make it out to the signing and was able to get me four items signed. I guess it helps to be Korean in these situations. Basically in our culture you do whatever your elders tell you to do. Thus the staff and neither did Shin-Soo Choo give my dad a hard time about getting multiple items signed. My original intention was to get a bat signed by Choo and a baseball signed in English and another separate baseball signed in Korean so I had my dad take three items with him. Just in case he couldn't make it to the signing I gave Benson an extra ball to get signed.

When my dad made it to the signing he ended up getting the bat signed first then he asked Shin-Soo Choo if he could sign a baseball in English and another one in Korean. Choo told my dad that he didn't have a Korean signature since he became famous playing baseball in the USA and not in Korea. Thus he has one standard autograph signature. The first ball he signed was with a black pen on the table. I guess my dad was nervous a bit since it was his first autograph signing so he forgot to hand Choo my blue pen. My dad handed him another ball which he used my blue pen to sign with.  On the table there was a stock photo of Choo that the bank had available so my dad asked him to sign that one as well. In the end my dad was able to get four autographs for me; 1 bat, 2 ROMLBs on the SS, and 1 photo. (The photo below showing Choo signing is from my friend Spencer)

I have to thank my buddy Spencer for getting me my third signed baseball. Since it was strictly 1 item per person Benson gave Spencer my baseball to get it signed by Choo. Since I was at work I didn't get a chance to relay a message to my friends that my dad got my items signed for me. I want to thank Benson and Spencer for getting me an extra autograph. Since I have a surplus of Choo autographs they will either be traded away or given as gifts to family and friends.


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  2. Wow, I wish I knew about this one. I'm definitely interested in one of those ROMLBs.

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