Monday, August 20, 2012

8-18-12 Peter Bourjos/Mark Trumbo Signing Metro PCS

I decided to attend the Peter Bourjos and Mark Trumbo signing at Metro PCS this past Saturday. Peter and Mark were scheduled to sign at the Metro PCS store in Santa Ana from 11:30am-1pm. That's Matt in the picture below photobombing my photo of the store. If any of my readers run into Matt at the stadium tell him to stop photobombing. LOL

I arrived at the signing around 8am and there were already about 150 people in line. Some of my fellow hardcore graphers camped overnight like my buddies Joe, Matt and Ken Jr. Here is a picture of them in line. You can tell that people were tired since they camped out as you can see from the photo of Ken Jr falling asleep.

Here is another photo of how long the line was. Basically it wrapped around the entire plaza.

My main goal today was to get some more Peter Bourjos photos signed and to also get Mark Trumbo to sign a 2012 All Star ROMLB since it was his very first all star appearance. What I like about in store autograph signings is that you always get a better quality signature. Trumbo does sign a lot at the stadium but his signature has been getting sloppy this year since he is trying to accommodate as many fans as possible. Initially I was contemplating whether to get my 12x18 Mark Trumbo walk off home run photo or his all star photo signed but my friend Spencer convinced me out of it to get the All Star baseball signed instead. Thanks Spencer again for putting some sense into me. I'm glad I got my baseball signed.

I had an extra 11x14 photo of Peter Bourjos which my buddy Spencer was able to get signed for me. Thanks again Spencer. Here is a picture of Spencer and his girlfriend below. Spencer is one of the nicest graphers you will ever meet. If any of my readers run into him at an autograph signing make sure you say hello to him.

Here are some photos of Mark Trumbo and Peter Bourjos signing. For some reason the staff was strict about not letting fans take photos but I snuck in a few.

When it almost my turn to get Mark Trumbo's autograph he noticed that the kid in front of me double dipped. Mark has a tremendous memory of fans that double dip at his autograph signings. He even remembers the same graphers who graph him all the time at the stadium. If you are blacklisted by Mark he won't sign for you and if he does then he will give you a crappy signature. I remember he called out another fan at the Dave and Busters' signing last year. Mark was fumed and didn't want to sign for this kid and asked the kid where his father was since he was standing there all alone. The staff was upset too since they recognized the kid and he somehow got an extra wristband. Mark did eventually sign for the kid but he had the meanest look on his face. It was quite intimidating. I bet the quality of the signature was rushed as well.

Following the incident it was my turn to get Mark Trumbo's autograph. A lot of thoughts raced through my mind as I was thinking this kid probably cost me a good quality autograph since I assumed Mark would still be in a bad mood. My initial thought was to ask him for an inscription since everyone else ahead of me got one but I didn't bother since Mark seemed like he was in a bad mood cause of that kid. When I met Mark I thanked him like I always thank the players for signing for us today and wished him a good morning. Surprisingly Mark was very courteous and nice to me and even asked if I wanted an inscription. I literally would have just been content getting his signature on the baseball. Since he asked me if I wanted an inscription I requested that he inscribe "1st All Star Game" on my 2012 All Star ROMLB. Then I wished him good luck on the rest of the season and that I hoped that he makes the All Star team again next year. Overall I thought the autograph came out nice.

Then I had Peter sign my 11x14 with the inscription "Speedy Petey."

My buddy Spencer was able to get my extra Peter Bourjos 11x14 photo signed for me as well.

Thanks again Spencer.

Overall it was another great signing. It's always fun attending these free autograph signing since you get to meet up with old friends who share the same passion of graphing. I want to thank Metro PCS for hosting this signing and making it run so smoothly.

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