Sunday, August 26, 2012

8-25-12 Under Armour Elite 24 Game

Today I attended the 7th Annual Under Armour Elite 24 Game featuring the top 24 high school basketball players in the nation. The game was held at Venice Beach at 4pm and was televised live on ESPN-U. This was my second time going to the game and it's one of my favorite basketball events. You can read the recap on last year's game here.

Benson and I arrived at the event around 3pm and the court was already filled to capacity.

It was tough finding an open seat. While we were looking for seats Greivis Vasquez walked right by me. Since I didn't have anything for him to sign I had him sign an official program of the Elite 24 game.

Before the game began I walked over to Kyrie Irving and had him sign a basketball for me.

He was sitting down in the bench area and the signature came out great. Kyrie ended up signing for about five fans until security told us to go back to our seats since the game was about to start. Here are some photos of the game.

At halftime I decided to try to get my photo signed by Kyrie as well. Initially he told us he would sign after the game but he ended up changing his mind and signed for us at halftime. Luckily I was able to get him to use my pen because afterwards he started to run with a dead silver sharpie and he was rushing all of his signatures.

Derrick Williams and DeAndre Jordan also signed photos for me as well during halftime.

Kenyon Martin who was a surprise guest and also signed. Since I didn't have anything for Kenyon to sign I used the free white panel mini basketball I got from the Metro PCS Mitch Richmond signing earlier this year. However he signed my mini basketball on the wrong spot.

After the game was finished I ended up getting Julius Randle to sign my Elite 24 basketball with the MVP inscription and Aaron Gordon to sign my program.

Outside of the basketball courts I ran into Derrick Williams and got another photo signed. Here is another project I am starting. It will be tough to get Rubio and Love on this photo.

I also ran into Brandon Jennings as well and he was nice enough to sign a photo for me.

Overall the Elite 24 game was a fun experience and I plan on attending next year as well.

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  1. Man I have got to start doing basketball. Those photos always turn out so great.