Sunday, August 19, 2012

8-16-12 Rays Post Game Graphing

The Rays were in town for a four game series vs the Angels. As usual I decided to do some post game graphing at the stadium.

The first autograph I got today was Steve Kerr. You read that correctly former NBA Champion Steve Kerr. He was in attendance to watch the game. Steve was dressed very casually with a shirt and some shorts on. He's not that tall in person as you would expect from an NBA player. Since this was unexpected I had nothing for him to sign besides my game ticket for Sunday's game vs the Rays.

The first Rays player to sign for me was Ryan Roberts who signed two cards for me.

Following Roberts I was able to get Fernando Rodney to sign my ROMLB from BP on the SS.

Bengie and Jose Molina walked out together. Seeing Bengie was a pleasant surprise. Sadly I didn't have my authentic Bengie Molina jersey on me tonight so I had him sign a Rawlings Gold Glove Baseball for me. I didn't have anything for Jose to sign. I asked Bengie if he would be at the game tomorrow and he informed me that he would. Thus I figured if I ran into him again tomorrow I would get my jersey signed.

The last player to sign for us was Jeff Keppinger who signed my 2012 Topps Heritage card.

Wade Davis, Jake McGee and James Shields all denied autograph requests.


  1. Awesome haul as usual. Wish it was that easy at Yankee Stadium to get autos. The new stadium is built in such a way that you can't get autos unless they stop while driving to sign a few, which they never do.

    1. I agree. Back when I lived in NY even the old Yankee Stadium was terrible for graphing. Although I didn't graph back then the security there was insane as they wouldn't let fans get behind the dugout and such. Shea Stadium was better for graphing. I hear new Yankee Stadium is even worse since that place is a fortress.