Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wei-Yin Chen 5-4-13

The Angels vs Orioles series this past week was relatively weak when it came to graphing but I was able to complete one of my goals which was to get Wei-Yin Chen's autograph. I tried getting him last year but he continually skipped over me as he was signing for other fans. Luckily it was different this year as he signed after warming up in the outfield during BP. Chen signed my ROMLB on the SS along with the three cards I brought as well.

I have no clue why fans still get players to sign their baseballs with sharpies. Luckily Chen was switching pens.

While I was getting Chen's autograph my buddy Kyle ended up getting his painting signed by Adam Jones. Last night Kyle was tweeting with Adam Jones who ended up promising Kyle on twitter that he'd sign his painting today. Sure enough Jones kept his promise and signed Kyle's painting today. I should have tagged along with Kyle since I could have easily gotten Adam Jones' autograph but I was busy getting Chen's auto which was a higher priority for me than getting Adam Jones' autograph today.

Manny Machado signed over the dugout but skipped me as usual. For some reason my luck hasn't been good inside the stadium when a player is signing over the dugout this year. First it was Verlander and now Machado. However Manny did run with a blue sharpie for the entire time so I was glad I didn't drop a baseball on him. He was side paneling everyone and refused to switch pens.

As for post game graphing there wasn't much action going on. The first two players to walk out were Freddie Garcia who almost pitched a no hitter today and Chris Dickerson. I accidentally left all of my Garcia cards at home so I ended up getting only Chris Dickerson's autograph.

Afterwards Pedro Strop and Alexi Casilla walked out together and signed for everyone.

That was pretty much it for Orioles graphing this weekend.

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