Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dodgers vs Marlins Game 5-11-13

I decided to attend the Dodgers vs Marlins game today to see Hyun-Jin Ryu pitch live for the first time. Ever since the Dodgers signed Ryu i've always wanted to watch him pitch in person. Ryu is pretty much a hero to most Koreans since he was the first player to ever to be signed out of the KBO. The Dodgers were also on an 8 game losing streak so it was the perfect night to end the streak with Ryu pitching on the mound.

Due to traffic I arrived about 30 minutes late to the stadium. I still had two and a half hours left for BP though thanks to my MVP card. I hate it when I am late since it costs me autograph opportunities. As soon as I entered I noticed that Dee Gordon was signing. Sadly I missed out since he stopped signing as soon as I got near the field level. Traffic sucks.

To my dismay I found out that it was Bark in the Park day where fans can walk their dogs inside the stadium before the game started. This basically cost us an extra hour of BP so there wasn't much graphing going on as most of the starters were already inside the clubhouse.

Luckily I didn't get shutout as Kenley Jansen signed for us near the bullpen. Kenley signed three cards for me.

During BP I got my first toss up for the year from Ted Lilly. I've been more focused on graphing than ballhawking this year so it was nice to finally get a baseball from BP.  Later on I used that same BP ball to get Chris Coghlan's autograph over the Marlins dugout.

The autograph corral was terrible today since all of the Dodgers were already inside the clubhouse. It was sad to see graphers and fans stand there without getting any autographs. I blame this on Bark in the Park day since BP was cut short by an hour.

By the time it was Marlins BP we convinced Juan Pierre to sign for us. Juan was cool as he signed for everyone who asked him to sign. He signed for about 10 minutes. Juan signed three cards for me.

Afterwards Rob Brantly signed for us near the VIP seats. He was nice enough to summon us over so that we were allowed to get his autograph in the VIP section.

The last player to sign was Paco Rodriguez who signed two cards for me over the bullpen before the game started.

Overall it was a weak day in terms of graphing due to BP being cut short. Luckily the Dodgers snapped their losing streak and beat the Marlins 7-1 as Ryu picked up his fourth win of the season.

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  1. Any dodgers added to your collection sounds like a great night!!! Enjoy reading your blog and keep up the great posts