Thursday, May 23, 2013

Angels vs Royals Post Game Graphing

I haven't blogged in weeks. Part of it is due to my busy schedule and also because I was out of town for a few days. Here is a recap of the Angels vs Royals Series.

Angels vs Royals Post Game Graphing Recap 5-13-13

The Royals were in town so I decided to do some post game graphing at the stadium. My goal for this series was to get my game issued Ervin Santana Angels jersey signed. Since the Royals were in town for only 1 series this year I had to get this project completed.

Initially I waited in the back hoping that Ervin would be picked up by family and friends. However there was absolutely no action and the only people waiting for Ervin was a father who brought his toddler son to get Ervin's autograph. Thus I decided to change my plans and wait by the front instead.

The first player to walk out was Billy Butler who had a five hit game. He was accompanied by his dad and was in a great mood. It was finally nice to add Billy's autograph aka "Country Breakfast" to my collection.

As everyone was getting Billy's autograph, Alcides Escobar walked out as well and he signed a card for me. Again another guy i've never gotten before. It's always nice to add new autographs to the collection.

Next up was Chris Getz who signed a card for me as well.

Afterwards a huge entourage of family and friends walked out with Mike Moustakas. This happens quite often when the Royals are in town. Mike has a lot of family and friends who come out to the games to support him whenever he is in town. Moose is one of the nicer players in baseball and rarely turns down an autograph request. This night was no exception as Mike signed for all the fans who asked. Initially I got a card signed but then I remembered my buddy Josh still needed Moose on a ROMLB since they both went to Chatsworth High School. Thus I ended up getting a ROMLB signed by Mike as well.

Although Mike has a sloppy signature it is amazingly consistent. The last player to sign for us was Jeremy Guthrie who is one of my favorite players. It was nice to chit chat about Air Jordans again with him.

That was pretty much it. As for Ervin Santana I did hear he walked out and was picked up by his family member but he denied the man and his toddler son who were both waiting for him to sign.

Angels vs Royals Post Game Graphing Recap 5-14-13

I decided to try my luck again hoping to get Ervin Santana's autograph tonight. I knew my chances were slim to none since there was absolutely no way he would walk out of the front gates.

The first player to sign for us was Billy Butler who signed two cards for me.

As soon as I got Billy's autograph my buddy Mike informed me that Miguel Tejada just left. Miguel was in a rush to leave the stadium and none of the other graphers noticed that he just walked past us while we were getting Billy Butler's autograph. Thus I decided to catch up to him hoping he would sign. Initially he denied me saying he had to leave but he broke down after I told him that it was just me and asked him to sign just one please. This helped since it was literally just me at Mike who were there. I asked him to sweetspot the baseball but he was in a rush so he ended up signing my ROMLB underneath the logo which I can't complain since it's Miguel Tejada who is notoriously a tough autograph to get. I was happy to add the former MVP into my collection.

Next up was Coach Ned Yost who signed a card for me.

The last player to walk out and sign was Mike Moustakas and again he had his full entourage of family and friends with him. Just as always he decided to hang out with everyone outside the stadium today and literally chit chatted with friends and family for about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately no Ervin Santana as expected. Since I couldn't go to the game the next day my buddy Alex G offered to get my jersey signed for me. We both knew that Ervin would likely sign inside tomorrow since our buddy Kyle was going to meet Ervin and present a painting to him.


  1. Love the ball Dave! I can't wait to add it to the collection. Thanks again.