Sunday, May 5, 2013

Lexus Dugout Club Dodgers vs Rockies Game 5-1-13

Thanks to my friend Connie who invited me to the Dodgers vs Rockies game I was able to cross one thing off my bucket list which was to sit in the Lexus Dugout Club at Dodger Stadium. This is by far the best seats I have ever sat in at a baseball game. We sat in the front row behind homeplate.

When you enter the Lexus Dugout Club there are two security checkpoints. They stamp your hand with invisible ink. Once you enter there is a hallway full of Dodger awards trophies such as the World Series Trophy, the Cy Young Award and the Gold Glove Award.

I took some closeup photos for each award.

What was amazing about sitting in the Dugout Club are the amenities that it offers. As soon as you enter the Lexus Dugout Club you are handed a free program to the game. I love free swag.

Next there is a full service buffet which includes a dessert bar and all you can eat food. The food is high end with carving stations for prime rib, pork loin, turkey along with seafood, a pasta station, and a salad bar. You can also take your food and snacks to go so that you don't miss any of the action. They can also bring your food to you to your seat. Everything was included for free besides the alcohol. What's cool about the Dugout Club is that many celebrities sit there including notable celebs such as Larry King. Tonight Chris Tucker was in attendance along with David Arquette. Tommy Lasorda sits there as well and tonight he sat to the table next to us to have dinner with his family and friends. The best part of it all was to be able to hear the sounds of the game as you were up close and personal with the players on the field. 

Since I had work during the day I ended up arriving to the stadium about an hour before the game started. I brought graphing supplies just in case I could get some graphing done. I figured I would probably miss the entire portion of Dodgers BP but I would still have a chance to catch the Rockies during BP.

This was the most easiest and stress free day of graphing since there was no competition. Since Dodger Stadium strictly enforces that fans without Dugout Club Seats or VIP Field level seats cannot enter these sections without a ticket it deters graphers from getting access to the players. Thus the only fans that can get access are the fans who pay for the expensive seats. Otherwise you have to throw your baseball over the dugout to the player signing or hope that he summons you over so you can enter the VIP section.

As soon as I entered the field I saw Scott Boras talking to Todd Helton near my seats. There were absolutely no graphers in sight. I asked Todd to sign my ROMLB for me. Sure enough he did sign it and it was on the SS. It took me less than five minutes to get one autograph i've wanted for quite some time. I wish it was this easy everyday.

Afterwards I decided to hang out near the Rockies Dugout. I noticed that Carlos Gonzalez was hanging out near the bullpen. I asked him to come over to sign for us and sure enough he did. Carlos was cool as usual and signed my ROMLB on the SS.

Nolan Arenado stopped by as well to sign. Sadly I didn't have anything for him to sign since he signed for me at the 2nd Annual Cory Hahn Trinity Bat Co HR Derby a few months ago. Thus I decided to take some pics of him signing for other fans. He had several family members in attendance to root for him as well.

Afterwards I decided to head over the the other side of the dugout. BP was ending and Tyler Chatwood stopped by to sign a card for me.

While Tyler was signing my card Scott Boras came over to talk to Tyler asking him to get a ticket stub signed by Todd Helton. I found that to be strange since why would Scott need an autograph from Todd. I asked Scott so he told me that there was a fan in the stands who was part of the military who really wanted Todd's autograph on his ticket stub. Scott was simply helping the fan get his autograph. Todd was already inside the clubhouse. Tyler ended up accepting Scott's request and about a minute later came out of the clubhouse with the signed ticket stub. Soon afterwards Scott Boras walked over to the fan and handed him a Todd Helton signed ticket stub. After witnessing that my respect for Scott Boras went up. I've always respected him before but now it's on a higher level. This basically showed how powerful the man is but also how cool he is with the fans as well. Scott basically made Tyler a runner for him to help a fan get Todd Helton's autograph. How cool is that.

BP was ending and the rest of the Rockies were running into the clubhouse. I was able to get Wilton Lopez's attention and he signed a card for me.

Everyone was back in the clubhouse except Jordan Pacheco. I noticed that Jordan was being interviewed by the local television station from Colorado.

Afterwards Jordan came over and signed a few autographs for me. As usual he was nice as can be and signed all four cards I had for him.

That was pretty much it for graphing. Although I had a late start I was happy with my results especially since I wanted Todd Helton's autograph for quite some time.

I decided to go back into the Dugout Club to go eat. I took some more photos as well inside.

I tried to take a panoramic photo of the Gold Gloves but it sorta came out crappy.

After dinner I decided to go to my seat. I took a picture of my view to the left, right and center.

I also decided to take a few photos of Tulo and Cargo taking their swings.

Towards the end of the game I ran into Chris Tucker and took a photo with him as well.

And one final photo before the game ended.

The Dodgers ended up losing to the Rockies by the score of 7-3. Although they lost it was quite a memorable experience. I want to thank my friend Connie again for hooking me up with the great seats and also helping me knock one item off my bucket list.


  1. That looked incredible. Grats on the bucket list (o:

    1. Thanks. I wish I could sit there every game.

  2. Maybe I am just too polite, but where do you get the nerve to bother so many players for autographs? And then asking for multiple autographs from the same player. I ran into your review because we are going to sit in dugout club in August. I never thought to bring an arsenal of items to be signed.

    1. I ask politely and if the player chooses to sign multiple items for me they do. I never ask them to sign a bunch. They sign voluntarily