Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ervin Santana Signed Game Issued Jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to thank a couple of people in helping me get this project completed. The first person I need to thank is my friend Benson who picked up the Ervin Santana Game Issued jersey for me at the Angels memorabilia sale at the stadium a few weeks ago. I literally slept on that sale and should have been there since they sold a ton of great game jerseys. Luckily Benson was able to get the home version of the jersey signed and I was able to get the road version of the jersey signed at the final game of the Royals vs Angels series. Thanks again for picking up the jersey for me Benson. The second person I need to thank is my buddy Alex G. who offered to get the jersey signed for me since I couldn't make it to the game. Alex didn't even ask for compensation and just wanted to help me out so I really want to thank him again for hooking me up. The photo above is courtesy of Alex G who took a photo of Ervin signing the jersey. Last but not least I need to thank by buddy Kyle who pretty much set up the autograph session inside the stadium. Kyle sets the table up for us graphers when it comes to getting autographs from players he does paintings for and over the years has helped us acquire a lot of autographs just by hanging out with him. It's always great to have good friends in the graphing community.

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