Sunday, June 3, 2012

Yu Darvish Cowboy Hat SGA Angels vs Rangers 6-2-12

I decided to get a head start on graphing today by heading out to the stadium early to see if I can get some autographs of the Rangers or Angels coming in. Tonight was a big game vs the Rangers as Yu Darvish was the starting pitcher and it was also Angels Cowboy Hat Giveaway Night.

When I arrived at the stadium there was some type of health fair going on near the front gates and there were tons of kids there. Thus I decided to try my luck in the back since I knew none of the players would be dropped off in the front. I waited between the Angels player parking lot and where the Rangers were being dropped off in the back of the stadium with my friends Ryan and Alex. It was a hot day and we waited patiently. On the Angels side none of the players signed except Coach Scioscia. The first Ranger to stop and sign for us was Brandon Snyder who signed my 2011 Allen and Ginter Card.

Then Mike Adams stopped by and signed two cards for me, my 2012 Gypsy Queen and 2012 Topps Heritage Card.

The third player to walk in was Adrian Beltre. Some of the graphers who were waiting started to bum rush him for autographs. That's just poor autograph etiquette. Beltre ended up signing for three fans then got annoyed and left without signing for the rest of the graphers. The same guys at the stadium always do it and ruins it for all of us. People need to learn some manners. If we all waited patiently behind the fence and gave Adrian his space we would have all ended up with his autograph. After that I was a bit fed up so I went to meet up Benson to get lunch. Benson today didn't graph with me since he was recovering from an ankle injury. Thus he rested up during the morning so he could attend the game at night.

When we got back to the stadium after lunch there was a huge line for the gold ball mystery grab bag that the Angels were selling. You can read about the Gold Ball Mystery Grab Bag event here This is an annual event that the Angels hold do to raise money for charity. Each bag costs $40 and contains a mystery autograph of one of the Angels. The biggest draw was the Pujols autographed baseball. Albert signed 36 of the 480 baseballs thus fans had a 7.5% chance to get his autographed baseball. By the time Benson and I were in line the baseballs sold out. Thus we ended up entering the stadium late for BP and autographs.

Inside the stadium there wasn't much graphing going on. The only players that signed were Mike Napoli and Ian Kinsler who signed for a few fans. Unfortunately we didn't make it on time. I did however take a few pictures of Yu Darvish as he was walking out of the dugout.

In the 5th inning we were all instructed to wear our Angels Cowboy hats for 10 minutes to participate in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most amount of cowboy hats worn in one sitting at a stadium. I can now say that I (along with everyone who wore the cowboy hat at the stadium) am part of a new world record.

The Angels ended up beating Yu Darvish and the Rangers 3-2. Although I didn't get much graphing done today I was happy to witness another exciting win for the Halos.

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