Saturday, June 30, 2012

Terrell Davis Albertsons Signing Murrieta 6-30-12

Thanks to a last minute tip from my friend Joseph I was able to attend the Terrell Davis signing at Albertsons in Murrieta California. Terrell made an appearance at Albertsons supermarket in Murrieta to promote his new BBQ sauce and was scheduled to sign autographs from 1-3pm.

According to his twitter page and the flyer from the website it stated that TD was signing his bbq bottles and would be posing for pictures with fans. Terrell was doing a promotional tour promoting his BBQ sauce in other states and there were pictures of him signing outside memorabilia. Therefore Benson and I decided to take a chance and attend the signing.

Since this was very last minute I decided to pick up two Broncos mini helmets at Frank and Sons in the morning so that Benson and I can get them signed. Luckily I live about 10 minutes away from Frank and Son's and since it was Saturday it was open. It always helps when we have to prepare for signings last minute.

Benson and I ended up arriving at Albertsons about 11am. When we arrived only about 10 fans were waiting in line. We first asked management whether Terrell was going to sign any outside memorabilia. They wrote in fine print on a poster that Terrell would strictly sign one autograph per fan and that if you wanted any outside memorabilia signed you would have to buy a case of his bbq sauce which meant six total bottles. If you just wanted one bottle signed then you would have to buy two bottles of bbq sauce. Therefore technically this wasn't a free signing since you had to buy bbq sauce but nonetheless it was a bargain considering TD may be a future HOFer. I ended up buying a case of bbq sauce for about $25 dollars. In the end there were less than 100 fans that showed up. I guess the low turnout was due to the fact that the signing wasn't promoted well and also due to the fact that it took place all the way in Murrieta.

After witnessing the first few fans getting their autographs I noticed that Terrell was signing using his short handed signature. I found that to be quite odd since I met TD in person before two years at ago the NFLPA Rookie Premier Flag Football Game at UCLA and he gave his full signature as you can see from my signed football below.

Since I already got a football signed by TD I decided to go get my Broncos mini helmet signed. TD was cool as usual chatting it up with the fans and also took photos with us as well. He also told me he would sign a bottle of his bbq sauce for me.

The only person that I knew of that did get a full signature today was my buddy Spencer who asked Terrell to sign his football using his full signature. Retrospectively I regret not asking him but I was still happy with how my autograph turned out. I want to give a shout out to my fellow graphers including Benson, Spencer, Jessie, Jordan, Chris and Larry. It's always fun chatting it up with you guys.


  1. You everywhere man! Good job getting TD!

    1. Thanks. I actually got the tip from my buddy at 1am before I was able to go to sleep after the Dodger game on Friday. This was very last minute and another one that fell under the radar.

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    1. Naw it's too hard to quit for good. Sometimes when I tired though I do consider it but I get back on my feet and graph again. It's an addiction, lol.