Sunday, June 24, 2012

Angels vs Dodgers Post Game Graphing 6-22-12

The Dodgers were in town for a three game series vs the Angels in Anaheim so I decided to graph them after the game. Post game graphing is usually hectic especially when the Dodgers come to town since Dodger fans from LA drive out to Anaheim to graph the Dodgers as well. Thus the competition factor doubles in size.

The first person to sign for me was Ronald Belisario. This was historic since he was the first player to sign a photo for me in person. I decided to try getting photos signed recently not only to diversify my collection but to also use them for players I do not have cards for. I do own signed photos in my autograph collection but all were either given to me as gifts, won in a raffle, or was a provided stock photo at free signings.

Ronald was initially on his cell phone as he was walking out but I politely asked him in Spanish for an autograph. He stopped and signed my photo for me.

The next player to sign was Dee Gordon. Dee is always good about signing for fans and he is one of my favorite players in baseball. Dee wore his Cool Grey Air Jordan XIs tonight so I complimented him on his cool pair of shoes. Dee is a big time shoe collector just like Jeremy Guthrie. Dee signed a 11x14 photo for me.

The last player to sign was Juan Rivera. What was funny was that a car initially picked him up from the ramp and drove him out to his wife's car. The distance between the two cars were not even a few yards away. He was with his family so we all though he wouldn't sign. Luckily this was the end of the night and not many graphers were left. We all waited patiently while Juan was greeting his family and politely asked for his autograph. The good thing was that we were all orderly and there wasn't an idiot grapher with bad manners to ruin the moment. Juan signed a photo for me.

All in all it was a great night of signing. I was happy with my results since it was the first time I ever got photos signed in person.


  1. Great job again David. Sorry about River, that's mess up, what a jackass. Question, you dont watch the game right? Just there for the signing before or/and post game right? Where to you park? Or you just pay for parking?

  2. I do attend the games when I have tickets but due to work I can't make it out to the games on time during the week. I never pay for parking even when I go to the games. I know where it's free to park near the stadium. As for Rivers it's no biggie to me since that happens all the time. He had the power to make our day but didn't and big leagued us. I hope autograph karma doesn't haunt him next year.