Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Angels vs Giants Post Game Graphing 6-18-12

I decided to go graph the Giants post game at Angel Stadium. It's a rare event when the Giants are in town especially in Anaheim so there were a ton of Giants fans at the stadium. Although I am not a fan of the Giants the team does have a few guys I do want autographs from including Tim Lincecum and Matt Cain, who recently threw a perfect game. Tonight there were a ton of graphers, mostly new guys who i've never seen before but were all decked out in Giants gear. The large crowd reminded me of a typical Yankees series thus my expectations were low.

The first person to walk out was Roberto Kelly who was mobbed by the fans. He signed as he was walking toward his car. Since I didn't have any cards of him I didn't try getting him.

Next person to walk out was Barry Zito who was on his cell phone. Thus many fans figured that Barry wouldn't sign since he was ignoring autograph requests. Finally in front of his car Barry broke down and signed. Barry told all of us to get organized and not crowd around him so he can sign for each of us. Barry signed a ROMLB on the SS for me.

The next person to walk out was Matt Cain who walked out with his wife. We all expected Cain not to sign since he was escorted by security. Plus there was a huge mob of fans trying to get his autograph so we expected Matt to reject all autograph requests. Surprisingly Matt Cain did end up signing as he was walking toward his car if you were lucky. Madness ensued as graphers tried to position themselves into getting Cain's autograph. One fan actually got into a shoving match with security. It got really ugly at the end. I felt really lucky to get his autograph. Cain denied all sweet spot requests and side paneled everyone. Still I was happy to end up with his autograph.

The last group to walk out was Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt. Brandon Crawford denied all autograph requests but Brandon Belt did sign as he was walking toward his car. Again a huge mob followed him thus it was tough to get his autograph. Belt also rejected all sweet spot requests. One fan even asked him to sweet spot and personalize and he still rejected his request. Since when did Brandon Belt start big leaguing everyone? Luckily I ended up with an autograph and I had him sign my 2011 Allen and Ginter Rookie card.

I felt really lucky getting three autographs tonight. I could have easily struck out due to the high number of graphers. Things are just getting out of hand at the stadium.

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