Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Angels vs Mariners Post Game Graphing 6-4-12

The Mariners were in town so I decided to head out to the stadium for some post game graphing. I arrived at the stadium around the 7th inning and to my surprise my friend Keith had an extra ticket so I was able to enter the stadium to watch the last few innings of the game. Thanks again for the hookups Keith. The Angels did make a comeback but ended up losing 8-6, but Mike Trout had four hits in the game. Mike Trout for ROY. Here are some pictures I took of the game.

After the game was over I waited outside the gates. The first person to sign was Mike Blowers. I ended up having him sign my mini helmet.

Next person to walk out was Hector Noesi. He was nice and was signing multiples for everyone. I had one card on me which was his 2012 Topps Heritage Card so I had him sign it for me.

Next up was Jason Vargas. He's one of my favorite players because he has always been so nice to us at Angel Stadium. Whenever he pitches his entire family shows up to the game and he always signs autographs for us regardless of whether he loses or wins. Plus Jason hooked me up with three baseballs last year during BP so i've always been a big fan of his. He was in a good mood since he picked up the win tonight. Jason signed two cards for me my 2012 Topps and Topps Heritage cards.

The last person to sign for us was Brendan Ryan. As usual Brendan was nice to us chatting it up with the fans and stopped to sign for everyone even though his wife or girlfriend was waiting. She seemed a bit annoyed by the fact that he stayed to sign for quite a long time. Brendan signed my 2012 Topps card.

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  1. Thanks for writing back to me. I have no plans at this time to go any future games. I would really appreciate if you'd please let me send one card to you. I have no problem waiting
    for you to possibly take care of the signature sometime in the future. You're my best chance to obtain one. If I go to a future game, I'll contact you before it to ask for advice. May I please have your mailing address to send the '87 Topps card to you?

    Thanks again,
    Rich Blatt