Sunday, April 1, 2012

Luc Robitaille Signing Living Spaces

Living Spaces La Mirada had a Luc Robitaille signing today from 10am-12pm. Wristbands were given out to the first 300 fans. I decided to go to this signing to pick up another autograph from a Hall of Famer especially since this signing is close to where I live. I woke up a bit late today for the signing since I didn't sleep until 4am the night before since I went out with my friends in LA. Thus I arrived at the signing around 9am, an hour before the signing.

Luckily when I arrived there were only about 50 people in line. I didn't expect too much of a turnout today since hockey doesn't attract a lot of graphers in LA compared to baseball. The usual graphers were there including Benson, Larry, Mike, George, Scotty and Ken. Ken and Scotty were first in line and they arrived around 6am.

I decided to get two hockey pucks signed by Luc, one with a Kings logo which I had him inscribe HOF 09 and the second one with a Red Wings Logo which I had him inscribe Cup Champ 02. Since the turnout was low he was signing multiple items for fans and also posed for photo ops.

I love it when signings are this easy. No hassle and no drama. I want to thank Living Spaces La Mirada for hosting another great autograph signing.


  1. They look great! I was too lazy this morning. Had I known there would be so few people, I would headed out a little later.

    Looks like the Living Spaces autograph season started?

    1. Thanks Josh. It is a far drive for you so I understand why you decided to stay home. I guess the autograph season at living spaces is starting since they had the Chuck Finley event a few weeks ago and today was a Robitaille signing. Baseball season is just around the corner so I expect more signings to come up in the next few months.

    2. I hope so. Living Spaces Van Nuys would be nice!

    3. That would be nice. Drive would suck for me out there but you can hold a spot in line for me. LOL