Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angels vs Dodgers Post Game Parking Lot Signings 4-2-12

I decided to head out to graph the Dodgers at Angels Stadium last night after the game ended to see if I can get Dodger autographs. My goal was to get Don Mattingly's signature on a baseball. He is still one of my holy grails and one of the most elusive players when it comes to graphing. I heard from a friend that he did sign coming into the game so I was hoping for the best.

The first autographs I got were Matt Kemp and Dee Gordon. Both guys are really nice and they stopped and signed for all of us. There were about 30-50 Dodger fans there. Kemp signed for at least 10 minutes and also posed for pictures with fans.

I ended up getting Kemp on a ROMLB on the SS and also my souvenir Dodgers full size helmet. If anyone wants a Kemp ROMLB on the SS for trade let me know. I think I have about five now in my collection. I ended up getting Dee to sign my helmet as well.

Afterwards I got Jose Vizcaino and Dave Hansen on my helmet.

Then I noticed that Trey Hillman was walking out to his car and he was backing his car into Tunnel A where the players walk out and where the team bus was parked. That wasn't a good sign since Don and Trey carpool together. Soon afterwards Don Mattingly drives off with Trey Hillman sitting on the passenger seat. Epic fail again. Maybe next time. No Mattingly tonight.

What was cool about tonight was that I was able to see old friends at the stadium tonight. These people are like family to me in the summer since I spend most of my time at the stadium. I want to give a shout out to Benson, Keith, Nancy, Victor, Kyle, Marty and Cherine.

I want to thank Cherine for hooking me up with the 11 x 14 Hank Conger photo. I can't wait to get that signed this year.

I want to thank Benson for hooking me up with Opening Day tickets and also getting me Teemu Selanne's autograph on the team photo giveaway from the Ducks Game on Sunday.

I can't wait for the regular season to start. This baseball season is going to be amazing.


  1. Totally missed out on Kemp. I was thinking about staying but figured after how long the game took they'd just want to do the drive back to LA.

    1. If you need Kemp let me know. I've gotten too many items signed by him. I did read your post. Good stuff as usual bro. I hope Nancy doesn't big league you and give you her shortened initials signature with no inscription when you ask her to sign her photo. LOL

  2. hi.. david.... i wouldnt mind trading for your kemp ball... i dont have him on anything ive met you at signins im the chubby guy with george and eddie.

    1. Let me know what you have available for trade and maybe we can work a deal out.