Wednesday, April 18, 2012

CESPEDES!!!! 4-17-12

I decided to try my luck to get Yeonis Cespedes' autograph after the Angels vs A's game and to pick up some autographs of the A's. Tonight was Albert Pujols' Bobblehead night. My buddy Benson was nice enough to pick up a bobblehead for me at the game since I wasn't able to make it out to the stadium on time due to work. Thanks Benson. Thus we met afterwards in front of the stadium gates to graph the A's and I was also able to pick up the bobblehead. Here is a picture of the bobblehead that was given out tonight.

I heard that Yeonis signed for fans prior to the game on Monday and also on the way out even though he got a day off. I was planning on graphing Monday night at the stadium but passed out since I was tired from my Seattle trip. Then my buddy Benson texts me a photo of a Cespedes baseball signed on the sweet spot that he got the night before. Even Albert Pujols signed for fans the night before as he was leaving the stadium. Therefore I had to take my chances on Cespedes tonight hoping he'd sign.

The first former Angels player to walk out was Mark Langston. I heard that he now does the radio broadcasting for the Angels. I didn't have my Langston jersey on me or any other Langston item so I didn't get his autograph. My buddy Ryan did however get his Langston card signed. Hopefully I can run into him again the day I bring my Langston jersey to the stadium. 

The first two A's players to walk out were Tyson Ross and Anthony Recker. I didn't have any cards or anything else for them to sign so I had them sign a blank sheet in my notebook. I seriously need to expand my card collection so this doesn't happen again.

The next player to walk out and sign was Josh Reddick. Luckily I had my Topps Heritage Card on me so I had him sign the card.

There was about a 20-30 minute period where nobody walked out and the stadium emptied out. I was a bit worried that everyone left. Finally the man himself Yeonis Cespedes walked out and signed for the 8 people left waiting for him at the stadium. He stopped and signed for all of us. Cespedes signed everything but denied any bats that were presented to him. I had Cespedes sign my ROMLB on the SS. The signature came out nice and I was happy with the results.

As I was about to leave the stadium Chili Davis walked out. When I asked him to sign my baseball on the SS he jokingly said he'd sign the ball on the seams. The previous night I heard that he joked around with the fans and asked for $10 for each autograph. Chili has a weird sense of humor. He ended up signing my ROMLB on the SS.

Overall another great night of signings at Angels Stadium. On a side note I was sorting through my buddy Scotty's signatures that he obtained in game and post game today and noticed a funny looking signature by Jordan Norberto. Check this out.

Along with his signature he drew a sad faced creature next to his signature. It sort of reminded me of the happy face that Brett Butler puts on his signature. I wonder what that means.


  1. Great success. Nice to see Chilli signes IP as he doesn't TTM. I need for for my Yankees PC. I'll have to see if I can get him next time he's in NYC.

  2. Nice. I probably would have missed Cespedes if I had come back since I was getting Downs and talking to him about that time.

    1. Yea we missed you out there Ryan. Too bad Pujols didn't sign last night like the night before. Cespedes is good about signing as long as there aren't that many people.