Thursday, April 19, 2012

CESPEDES Part II 4-18-12

I went out to Angels Stadium to graph after the game again to see if I can get Kendrys Morales' autograph. From sources he's been coming out of Tunnel B the last few nights and he signed for fans this week. I decided to meet up with my buddy Benson at Angels Stadium again to see if we can get Kendrys' autograph. When we arrived near Tunnel B I also ran into Keith and Nancy who are both regulars at Angels Stadium. They were also there to wait for Kendrys. We also heard that Aybar walks out of Tunnel B as well. As we waited we noticed that a driver rolled by to pick up Erick Aybar. Initially it looked as though Erick wasn't going to sign for us since he was on his cell phone but sure enough he stopped and signed for about six of us who were waiting for him. Tonight was a big night for Erick since there was news that he just signed a new contract extension. Erick was in a good mood and signed my Rawlings Gold Glove baseball on the SS.

We waited a few more minutes and then the Angels staff closed up the gates which meant no Kendrys tonight. Thus we walked over to the Angels parking lot where we were greeted by about 30 fans waiting outside to graph the Angels.

There has been a larger number of graphers at the stadium this year especially near the Angels player parking lot since everyone is trying to get Albert Pujols. We heard from another fan that Albert already left so we went over to the front gates to see if we can still have time to graph the A's. This however was false information since people were sending out wrong information so that there would be less people waiting for Albert. Later on we found out that Albert did sign for a few fans after the game. However it was by freak accident and pure luck due to a tow truck. Albert drove off the players parking lot but his car was help up in traffic since there was a tow truck blocking the exit of the stadium since a car that broke down was being towed. Thus about 15 fans chased after his car and waited hoping that he'd open up his window while waiting in traffic. Sure enough Albert did. I found out since some of my friends who stayed back came out to the front gates and showed me signed cards and baseballs. Albert ended up running with a blue sharpie thus everyone got his short hand signature "APS" on side panel baseballs and cards. Still it's a damn good score no matter what pen Albert uses to sign items. I was somewhat annoyed since I wondered if the person who gave us false info did that on purpose so that we'd leave or it also could have been unintentional since someone else may have spread that rumor and he may have ended up believing in it thinking it was true. Who knows. Maybe i'll get him again next time.

While we were waiting out in the front gates I did however get Yoenis Cespedes again. He's really nice about signing. This was the third straight night that he signed for fans. I hope his signing habits don't change in the future when he becomes a superstar. I had him sign another ROMLB on the SS for me. You can never get enough of Cespedes.

My buddy Kyle Morrissey had the best signed item of the night. He's an artist who paints player portraits in canvas. He's done numerous pieces for a lot of the Angels as well as other MLB players. He started a canvas portrait of Cespedes the night before and had him sign the piece. Check out this cool article/interview with Kyle

Great job as usual Kyle.

The last person to walk out of the stadium was Arte Moreno. Arte is the best owner in baseball. I had Arte sign my 2012 Angels Pocket Schedule.


  1. Nice success! The Yoenis autos look amazing.

    I need to come with you guys one of these days. We got there early on Tuesday for the bobblehead, but no one is signing down on the field. It seems worse than Dodger Stadium. Am I wrong, or do the players sign down on the field somewhere I'm not aware of?>

    1. They do sign near the dugout before and after batting practice. Graphing at Angels stadium is easier than dodgers stadium since the seats aren't restricted off. Next time you are in town we will graph together and I will show u how it's done. The best time to graph is when the players are walking in and when they are leaving

  2. So cool!!! Glad I was able to get Cespedes to sign my painting. Gotta do a larger painting for him when the A's come back to town. He said he'd like to have one.

    1. Another client for you Kyle. Good job as usual with your paintings bro. We'll try to hit up Cespedes again when the A's are in town again.