Sunday, August 3, 2014

Javale McGee's 1st Annual Juglife Celebrity Softball Game 8-3-14

Thanks to my friend Ryan who gave me the heads up, I decided to attend Javale McGee's 1st Annual Juglife Celebrity Softball Game at UCLA. It was nice to be back on campus at UCLA. Every time I visit UCLA it brings back old memories of my college years.

The game was scheduled to take place at 3pm at Easton Field which is where the UCLA Women's Softball team play during the season. Admission to the event was $15 with all the proceeds going toward Javale's Juglife Charity which helps build water wells in Uganda.

Before the game started I was able to get Terrell Owens to sign my 49ers mini helmet. He signed two autographs coming in out of the ten graphers that waited for him. 

Next up was John Wall. John told everyone he would sign one autograph per person. Luckily I had shoes for him to sign and he signed both pairs.

We waited outside a bit longer and Ty Lawson ended up showing up late. He wore a throwback Vince Carter Raptors jersey which threw us off a bit. I ended up getting Ty to sign an 11x14 photo for me.

The signed floorboard was from the autograph session after the game which will be detailed later below on the blog entry.

Afterwards we went inside to watch the charity softball game. Everything was set up which made it impossible to graph during the game. Since it was a softball field they had nets which blocked any type of access to the field.

The game was already underway. I took a few photos of Javale near homeplate after his team scored a run.

Andre Drummond was one of the surprise last minute guests to the game. He was nice enough to pose for a photo for me.

And here is a picture of Andre batting below.

I also got a couple of photos of Terrell Owens chatting it up with John Wall. Here a photo below of John showing TO his swing.

After the game Javale McGee and the organizers of the event set up an autograph table.

Andre Drummond, Javale McGee, Terrell Owens and Ty Lawson signed autographs. Nick Young and John Wall left early and Nate Robinson and Kevin Love were no shows to the event.

Since I wasn't prepped for Andre Drummond I ended up having him sign a floorboard for me. For some reason he wouldn't switch pens and signed with the table pen which happened to be a black sharpie. I love floorboards since they always come in handy when a surprise guest shows up to an event.

Javale signed an 11x14 and an 8x10 photo for me.

I thanked Javale for hosting such a well organized event and also for setting up an autograph session after the game.

Terrell Owens signed an 8x10 photo for me.

Last but not least Ty Lawson signed a floorboard for me. His autograph looks similar to Justin Verlander's autograph.

I want to thank Javale McGee for hosting an awesome charity event and for helping raise money to build wells for the people of Uganda. I also want to thank my friend Ryan for the heads up on this event as well. I'll definitely be back next year to support Javale's charity.


  1. dude that's pretty sweet that they had an autograph session afterwards.
    great post

    1. Ya it was sweet. Most of the time at charity events the athletes try to leave early or rush out of there. It was nice of Javale to set up an autograph session for the fans.

  2. Do you have any dodger autographs you would be willing to trade?

  3. I'm currently not looking to trade but I have stuff for sale which contains several Dodger autographs