Sunday, August 17, 2014

Autographs from August

I haven't posted stuff in awhile due to pure laziness but here are some of my recent pickups below this past month.

I was happy to add Michael Irvin's autograph to the PC. Michael was kind enough to sign a football for me and also inscribe HOF 2007. He was one of my favorite receivers growing up back when the Cowboys were dominating football in the 90's. In person he is the same guy you see on tv always nice and cool with his fans.

I was also able to get a couple of floorboards signed the first being from another future hall of famer, Paul Pierce and Laker legend and Laker Coach Byron Scott. Unfortunately I didn't have a basketball with me so I settled for a floorboard.

Next up was from one of my favorite boxers of all time, Roy Jones Jr. The last time I ran into him was at Mandalay Bay Casino a few years ago for my friend's bachelor party. Coincidentally he was staying at the hotel while training for his boxing match versus Bernard Hopkins, and was actually on the same floor as our suite. Back then he was kind enough for a photo op with my friends but unfortunately I didn't graph much at the time so I didn't have anything for him to sign.

Today was a special day as I came prepared and got a boxing glove signed by Roy. His handler originally said he couldn't sign gloves but I told Roy I am a true fan and wanted his autograph for years. I even told him to personalize it and sure enough he took the glove and signed it for me in front of his handler.

Last but not least it was finally nice to meet Ozzie Smith aka "The Wizard" in person. Growing up in the 80s he was the most gifted shortstop in my generation. I always wanted to meet Ozzie and finally I got a chance to and he didn't disappoint. Ozzie was kind enough to sign a HOF ball along with a Gold Glove ball for me with inscriptions when I didn't even ask for them.

On a side note I also picked up another Trout baseball with the 2012 ROY inscription thanks to my friend Warren.

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