Saturday, May 5, 2012

Joey Bats Cinco de Mayo Graphing

I decided to go graphing this morning pregame in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. The first person to sign for me was Adam Lind who signed my 2012 Gypsy Queen Card.

Next up was Brandon Morrow who mistakenly thought I was another guy who got him yesterday. He falsely accused me of getting him multiple times when i've never met him before in my life. I guess he heard the sincerity in my voice thus he was nice enough to sign two cards for me instead of one and apologized for the mistaken identification.

Finally I was able to get Jose Bautista aka "Joey Bats." He was shooting an interview for his agency called Prior to the interview his handler warned us not to rush him or bother him during the interview for autograph requests. Thus we were all orderly and didn't bother Jose. After the interview was over several of us asked him for his autograph but kept a distance since we didn't want to invade his space. He ended up walking across the street and took a seat on the bench ignoring our requests. A fellow grapher named Daniel requested an autograph in Spanish. Then suddenly Jose nodded and told each of us to come over one at a time and he agreed to sign for the 8 fans who were waiting patiently. I ended up getting Jose to sign my ROMLB on the SS. This was pure luck. Had he not had to shoot this interview we probably wouldn't have been able to get his autograph today.

The last two autographs were from Edwin Encarnacion and Rajai Davis. I need to thank my buddy Scotty for both autographs since he gave me two of his extra cards since I didn't have any Encarnacion or Davis cards. Thanks again Scotty. Rajai was really nice in person and asked each of us our names and he personalized each autograph request. I really like it when players personalize autographs.

What a great start to Cinco De Mayo


  1. Thats cool you got Jose Bautista. I waited Friday for him but got Ricky Romero.

  2. Thanks. Ricky is still good though. He didn't sign much for fans this series. Luckily I got him last year so I wasn't too upset I didn't get him this time.