Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dodgers vs Rockies Post Game Graphing 5-11-12

I decided to try graphing the Rockies post game at Dodger Stadium today. I met up with my friend Benson at Dodger Stadium. This year we are trying to build up our collection of National League teams since we graph American League teams all the time at Angels Stadium. It's just sad that Dodger Stadium is a terrible place to graph so we were hoping our luck would soon change.

It was Friday Night Fireworks so were were able to go inside the stadium after the game even though we didn't have game tickets. We noticed that some of the players were even in the stands watching the fireworks. It's cool how the Dodgers let fans step on the field during the entire fireworks show. We initially saw Jamie Moyer and a group of his friends sitting near the right field level seats. While patiently waiting for him we noticed that the other Rockies were leaving along with security to escort them into the team bus. The first group to leave was Juan Nicasio and Wilin Rosario. I ended up getting Juan to sign my 2012 Gypsy Queen card and Wilin to sign my 2012 Topps Heritage card.

The next person we saw was Todd Helton. Todd rejected all autograph requests saying that he needed to leave and that he'd sign for us tomorrow. Then Jason Giambi walked out holding his daughter's hand and had an entourage of family members. I didn't bother asking him for an autograph request since he was with his family.

After Jamie Moyer was finished talking to his friends he headed towards the team bus. We thought our chances were over. Then all of a sudden Jamie stopped for us and signed. He even took photos with several fans. As usual Jamie is a class act. Every encounter i've had with him has been a positive one. I had Jamie sign my ROMLB which was given to me by Edwin Jackson at Bryce Harper's debut game on the SS. He was also nice enough to inscribe WS Champs.

After Jamie left for the team bus Tyler Colvin and good old Jeremy Guthrie walked out together. Jeremy Guthrie is a character. He has a sarcastic sense of humor but is always nice and interacts with fans. When he saw Tyler signing autographs for fans he was jokingly telling him to stop signing since all these autographs will go straight to ebay. To counter Jeremy's comments I asked Jeremy to personalize my autograph. I actually don't mind it when players personalize items for me since I don't plan on selling my autographs anytime soon. Plus personalization adds a nice touch to the autograph. Since I didn't have a card for Tyler I got a card signed for Benson since he is a huge Cubs fan and wanted an extra Colvin autograph card. I had Jeremy sign my 2012 Heritage Card. When it was my turn to get the card signed he asked me for my name. I noticed that he was wearing the Air Jordan XI Spacejams and complimented him on his shoes. Then we started talking about shoes in general and I found out he is a shoehead just like myself. Jeremy showed us his collection of shoes on his cellphone and hung out a few more minutes to chat about shoes.

The next person to come out was Jordan Pacheco. Jordan is one of the nicest players you will ever meet. He was signing away for everyone. My friend Marty had over 12 cards of Pacheco and he signed all of them and none of the signatures were rushed. I guess since he is a rookie he hasn't let his fame get to his head so I hope this continues. Jordan was nice enough to sign two cards for me, my 2012 Topps and 2012 Topps Heritage Card.

As soon as I got my cards signed I noticed there was a crowd around Michael Cuddyer who belongs in the HOF for best quality and legible signature. His signature is a work of art like Harmon Killebrew's autograph. Michael was nice enough to sign a ROMLB on the SS for me and also signed my 2011 Ginter Card and 2012 Gypsy Queen. As he was signing he noted that he'd never seen the Gypsy Queen card before and he really liked it since it has that vintage look to it. I wish I had an extra Gypsy Queen on me cause I wanted to give him one of the cards for being so cool about signing three items for me.

Tonight was already a great night of graphing but to make the night even better Carlos Gonzalez aka "Cargo" was the last to walk out and he signed for us. I had Cargo sign a ROMLB for me on the SS. One fan even got a bat signed. Benson got really lucky since he was the last person in the group to get Cargo's autograph on a ROMLB on the SS.

I want to give a shoutout to Alex, Harry, Marty and Benson for graphing with me at Dodgers Stadium. It was a blast as usual.


  1. Woohoo! Nice job Dave! So does this mean I'm gonna see you at DS more?

    1. I'll try but I think I might only go on Fridays. That's the best night to graph post game.

  2. Great job again David. So where do the players come out at Dodger Stadium? No more behide centerfield field?

  3. Depends on the day. Most of the time the bus is at center field and that's when players rarely sign. When the bus is near right field then the players have to walk through the gates and that's when some of them sign. Depends on the team and which dates. Some local players walk out of the right field level entrance.