Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Angels vs A's Post Game Graphing 5-14-12

I went out to the stadium today with the goal of getting Yoenis Cespedes' autograph but this time on the Japan Opening Series 2012 ROMLB. It was a tough night for both the Lakers and Angels as they both lost so I figured some post game graphing would keep my mind off both losses. This is pretty much the shortest blog entry of the year since it was one of the slower nights of graphing for me.  Nonetheless I was happy that I got a few autographs tonight. It's better than nothing.

The first autograph I got was from Tom Milone who signed two cards for me. Tom was signing multiples for everyone. You gotta love the rookies. I hope his signing habits don't change in the future. Thanks Tom.

The next autograph I got was from Kurt Suzuki who was nice enough to sign my 2011 Allen and Ginter card. I love this set.

That's pretty much it. Josh Reddick walked out but was escorted by security so he didn't sign for anyone. Ryan Cook signed but I didn't have cards for him. Jordan Norberto, Jemile Weeks and Cliff Pennington walked out together. Nobody asked Pennington for an auto since everyone was focused on getting Jordan and Jemile but they didn't sign for many fans as they were rushing to get to their car. Anthony Recker and Tyson Ross signed for everyone. I didn't have cards of them. Finally Daric Barton signed for my friend Nancy. Lastly no Cespedes or Chili Davis tonight. Time to sleep.

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