Thursday, May 17, 2012

Angels vs White Sox Post Game Graphing 5-16-12

I decided to hit up the stadium for some post game graphing again to keep my mind off another Laker playoff loss. The Lakers should have won the game tonight vs the Thunder but I think the series is now pretty much over since I don't know if they can overcome such a close loss. It's tough to be a diehard Laker fan these days but I still hope they can pull off the comeback and win the series. We will see.

Tonight was Peter Bourjos Bobblehead Night and he actually handed out his bobblehead to fans who entered the home plate gates. I couldn't make it out to the game tonight since I was watching my Lakers lose a close one again but my friend Benson was nice enough to pick up a bobblehead for me. Thanks for the bobblehead Benson.

If you look closely at the bobblehead I got it looks like Peter has a lazy eye since one eye is smaller than the other. You always get some degree of cosmetic defects with bobbleheads since they are always mass produced. Still it's another nice addition to my bobblehead collection.

The first person to sign autographs for me was Eduardo Escobar. Since I didn't have a card for him I added him on my White Sox team baseball. I need to thank my friend Steven for spotting Eduardo out for me. Thanks Steven.

Next up was Brent Lillibridge. Brent was nice enough to sign my 2012 Topps card for me.

Brent was signing multiples for people but I only had one card of him. He accidentally almost signed the card next him which is a completely different player on my notebook. I had to politely tell him that the other card wasn't him. Brent has always been a good signer for us since last year so I hope keeps up his nice signing habits in the future. Thanks Brent.

Next up is the guy who i've always wanted an autograph of which is the current manager of the White Sox, Robin Ventura. Robin was nice enough to sign my ROMLB on the SS as well as his Fleer 91 card. He was in a rush though as he was signing for fans walking towards his car thus his signature came out rushed. Funny story is that while we were walking towards his car we walked by Mark Langston who was talking to his friends. Mark then begs Robin for an autograph acting like a grapher saying "Please Mr. Ventura, please let me have your autograph." Robin smiled back at Mark and walked away. Robin was quiet not really talking to any of the fans but was cool about signing for us.

Another funny story of the night was Alex Rios or I guess you can say his imposter. A group of graphers rushed a fan as he was leaving with an entourage of friends thinking it was Alex Rios. Initially the fan wouldn't sign saying he was in a rush to go home. His buddies even played along the trick saying that Alex doesn't sign and that he'll get them tomorrow. Still there were graphers begging for autographs and being very pushy and persistent trying to get an autograph. Alex's imposter finally gave in and signed. Later on we found out that it wasn't even Alex himself since the signatures didn't match Alex's true signature. Plus the so called Alex Rios didn't even look like him. Thus a bunch of graphers ended up ruining their Alex Rios cards and other items since an imposter signed their items. I hope that nobody used a fresh clean ROMLB on that guy or a nice high end item.

Next guy to sign for us was Mark Salas who is the current bullpen catcher for the White Sox. He was hanging out with a bunch of family and friends in front of the stadium. His buddies were ragging on Mark saying how young he looked on his old baseball cards and giving him a hard time about it. It was all jokes and fun as people were getting Mark to sign his rookie cards for them. Mark was a good sport about the entire situation and we all had a good laugh. Since I didn't have any cards of him I added him to my team ball.

The last player to sign for us was Addison Reed. Addison signed for everyone and signed multiple cards as well. I love rookies since most of them are good about signing and they don't have the huge big league ego that most players have after a few years of hitting it big in the majors. Addison signed my 2012 Topps and Topps Heritage cards for me.  Thanks Addison.

As usual it was another fun night at the stadium.