Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jered Weaver No Hitter Post Game Graphing 5-2-12

I went out to Angels Stadium once again since I got a tip from my friend Benson that Jim Edmonds was Albert Pujols' invited guest today at the stadium. Jim Edmonds was one of my favorite Angels growing up and he is a local guy from Diamond Bar so I had to add his autograph to my collection. He was a scheduled guest last year for the Angels 50th Anniversary Celebration but he was a last minute cancellation since he had to undergo surgery. Thus I missed out on getting his autograph last year. Since I didn't have tickets to the game I was hoping to get his autograph after the game.

Initially I wasn't planning on going to the stadium since it was the last game of the series vs the Twins and usually that's a bad day for graphing since the Twins will all leave via the team bus. I actually went out to the stadium a bit later that usual since I was watching Jered Weaver pitch a no hitter on tv. Tonight was a historic night for the Angels so I had to be where the action was and also try to test my luck on getting Jim Edmonds' autograph as well as Jered Weaver's autograph on my Weaver Authentic California Angels throwback jersey. I figured tonight would be a great opportunity since everyone is in a good mood.

When I arrived at the stadium I met up with Benson in the front gates thinking that Edmonds would walk out of there. What was strange was that there were absolutely zero graphers. That was a sign that maybe Jim parked in the back of the stadium. We hung out there for a bit with no luck so we decided to go to the back of the stadium to see if Jim was signing. As soon as we arrived in the back there was a huge crowd of people around a Mercedes Benz. It was Jim's car and he was signing for a crowd of fans. I'd say there were about 15-20 fans surrounding his car. Jim was nice enough to sign for everyone. I had Jim sign a ROMLB on the SS. Here is also picture of him signing for my friend Mike who got Jim's autograph underneath the 50th Angels Anniversary logo.

This pretty much made my night since I always wanted Jim Edmonds' autograph and I finally got it. Anything else would be bonus. We were waiting around the Angels parking lot and there wasn't much action going on. I did however manage to get Chris Iannetta to sign my Topps 2012 card through the bushes near the gates of the player parking lot. He signed for about four of us and left. It was still nice to get Chris' autograph the night he caught Weaver's no hitter.

We waited and waited and pretty much all the players left except Jered. Finally we saw his dad leave the stadium and Jered left the stadium with his wife. There were about 20 fans waiting to get Jered's autograph. Unfortunately he didn't stop to sign for us on this historic night. It was a still however a great historic night of graphing at the stadium. I hope this three game sweep of the Twins propels the Angels to a winning streak. Go Angels.


  1. What a game! Jared Weaver is fun to watch.

    Good job getting Edmonds!

    Dave, friend request me on Facebook, I wanna add you to our Graphers page.

  2. Nice work David! You're getting lots of good autographs in Anaheim!

    1. Thanks Martin. I live closer to Anaheim which is why I graph there mostly. It's hard for me to get out to Dodgers Stadium.