Saturday, May 31, 2014

Howie Kendrick Signing at Stadium Nissan 5-24-14

I decided to attend the Howie Kendrick Signing at Stadium Nissan. The signing was scheduled to take place from 11-1pm but Howie ended up showing up early at around 10:30 and started to sign.

As expected less than 100 people showed up to the signing which is great since there is no drama at signings with low turnouts. It seems as though Howie has been having a free signing every week this year as he already had two appearances before this event and two during the same week. He is tough to get at the stadium so it's nice that he has these free signings.

I ended up getting a 2011 All Star Game ball signed under the logo as well as a heritage card.

 My migraines kicked in so I went home to rest and skipped the game. 

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