Sunday, May 4, 2014

Angels vs Rangers Series

Josh Hamilton Bobblehead Night 5-3-14

In terms of graphing I didn't get anyone that night. I arrived at the game halfway into BP so there wasn't much action going on. Plus none of the notable Rangers signed. The overall goal of the series was to get my Prince Fielder jersey signed but unfortunately it didn't work out that night.

On a brighter note it was Josh Hamilton Bobblehead night. I was happy to add this one to the collection.

My friend Benson also hooked me up with two Mike Trout bobbleheads since I wasn't able to make it out to the game a few weeks ago. Thanks again for the hookups Benson.

Postgame was tough as well. Got denied by Maddux, Beltre and Andrus. Prince ended up signing but I was at the wrong spot.

Angels vs Rangers Game 5-4-14

I had better luck today in terms of graphing.

First of all I was able to get a signed Daisuke Matsuzaka ROMLB on the SS from my friend Matt through a trade. Thanks again for the trade Matt.

For pregame graphing Jurickson Profar signed a baseball for me. Sadly he is under contracto so I got a side panel. Supposedly he doesn't sign baseballs in person so I felt lucky to get him.

Next up was Prince Fielder. It was finally nice to finally get his autograph after all of these years of missing out on him. Prince signed my throwback Brewers jersey for me.

Prince needs to attend the school of Torii Hunter and Michael Cuddyer. The homie needs to work on his penmanship.

I didn't have tickets to the game but luckily Mr. Chavers had an extra ticket for me so I was able to attend the Angels vs Rangers game for free.

He ended up winning free tickets at the CJ Wilson Cox Solutions Store signing today. Thanks again Mr. Chavers.

As soon as the gates opened I headed towards the Rangers dugout.

If you look closely above you can see Martin Perez near the far side of the dugout. He ended up signing a card for me after I took this photo.

Afterwards I ended up getting Coach Washington on two cards.

Then I ended up having a full blown convo in Korean with Shin-Soo Choo for about 10 minutes as he was signing away for the fans. Choo actually promised he'd sign for us pregame and ended up keeping his promise which is a rare thing in baseball since most players make false promises just so they don't get bothered by graphers. Choo was kind enough to sign a ROMLB on the sweetspot for me along with my Allen and Ginter National Pride card. I want to thank Shin-Soo Choo for being so cool and I also want to thank my friend Austin who gave me the Ginter card last year as a gift. Thanks again Austin. It was nice to finally get Choo's autograph in person.

The last autograph of the day was from Elvis Andrus who was kind enough to give me his full signature and sign my ROMLB on the sweetspot.


  1. Nice! It's great that Choo will be making several appearances in SoCal now that he's in the AL West.

    1. Thanks again Austin for the card bro.

    2. Don't even mention it. It's exciting to see it signed!

  2. Great auto with Choo. Do u ever graph when the players first show up to the ball park and how early do u show up?

  3. Great stuff. Love that throwback Brewers jersey.

  4. Profar is very tough as you said, I was very lucky to get him in person last year. Great pickups!

    1. Thanks Matt. Last year Profar told everyone he doesn't sign baseballs which makes no sense since he's a baseball player.