Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Angels vs Rays 9-2-13

Thanks to my friend Jen who hooked me up with tickets to the Angels vs Rays game I decided to spend my Labor Day at the stadium hoping to score some autographs. It felt strange being back since I haven't been graphing at Angel Stadium the past month skipping the Rangers, Astros and Indians series. It was exactly 1 month ago since I was at the stadium when I got Jose Reyes' autograph when the Blue Jays were in town.

I ran into my buddy Ryan who had a special care package for me. He was also at the game to hook up David Price as well.

Thanks again for the shirt and stickers Ryan. That pretty much made my day.

The first autograph I got was from Chris Archer who ironically signed during his pitching day. Chris signed a ROMLB on the SS for me.

Next up was Ben Zobrist who signed three cards for me. Thanks to my friend Jose who helped me get an extra item signed, I was also able to get a 2009 All Star ball signed "Under the Logo" as Jose would say.

The first autograph I got inside the stadium was from David Price who signed my 2010 All Star baseball under the logo.

Initially I was going for Matt Moore and didn't notice that Price was signing next to him. There was a huge mob of people trying to get autographs over the dugout. Moore ended up signing a few and ran inside so it was too late for me to get his autograph today. Price however was good as usual and ended up staying back to sign for the fans.

Afterwards I ended up getting Evan Longoria on a card. Evan was running with a black sharpie. Sadly I didn't have a photo ready for him so I was forced to drop a card on him even though a player his caliber isn't card worthy. However he was side paneling as usual and was giving out his short version of his signature all day. Hopefully next year I will come prepared with a photo instead.

The last autograph I got was from David DeJesus who signed a card for me as well.

I got bored so I took a picture of a guy who is allergic to pens. It seems as though Wil Myers is already big leaguing everyone as he ended up signing only one autograph for a grapher during the four game series.

I hope this trend doesn't continue. I feel really lucky to get his auto a few weeks ago at Dodger Stadium.

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