Monday, September 9, 2013

Howie Kendrick Metro PCS Fullerton Signing 9-7-13

Since it has been months since I last attended a free signing I decided to check out the Howie Kendrick Metro PCS signing in Fullerton since it was only a few minutes away from my house. Howie was scheduled to sign from 11:30-1pm.

I try to avoid free signings in general these days since it's become worse over the years as people camp out overnight for popular players like Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. Personally camping out is just too physically demanding for me so I stopped attending those types of free signings.

I arrived at the signing at around 8:30am and I was about 20th in line. This is the way all signings should be, zero stress and zero camping out. It was fun chilling in line with Kyle, Benson and Alex and it was also cool to run into old friends like Jerry, Larry, Anthony and Franz. In the end i'd say less than 100 fans showed up.

Today worked out great since there were a lot of Angels events including the Ernesto Frieri signing, Hank Conger meet and greet, and also the Angels Fiesta at Angels Stadium. Thus a lot of graphers were at different events.

My goal today was to get my 11x14 photo signed by Howie who is one of the tougher Angels that rarely sign. I also wanted to get a replacement baseball signed in blue to replace my baseball signed in black ink during one of his free signings from Howards Appliances during my rookie days when i'd have the player use the table pens to sign my items.

Howie was cool as can be and signed my 11x14 photo for me and also took a picture with me as well.

Since the line was short I got back in line and had Howie sign a ROMLB on the SS for me.

Howie has one of the best signatures in baseball. I wish more players took pride in their autographs. Benson had Howie sign his jersey for him. It came out sweet.

After the signing we headed out to Angel Stadium for the Angels Fiesta and to graph the Rangers pregame.


  1. Great pictures, David. Question: I have a medium and fine point uni-ball silver paint pen. I noticed you used a uni-ball paint pen for the photo and it came out great. Which point do you recommended for a jersey and photo? Thanks!

    1. Thanks. I used a medium line for the photo I got signed by Howie. The only reason was cause my photo was glossy so deco doesn't work well on glossy but Uniball seems to work better. If your photo is lustre then deco works well. For jerseys I use a fine tip deco since the signing area is smaller than a photo. I hope this helps.

    2. You are the man, David. Thanks for the info.