Sunday, September 22, 2013

Garret Anderson Carmax Signing Angels vs Mariners Game 9-21-13

Saturday was another fun filled but also a long day of graphing. Since the Mariners were in town I decided to do some pregame graphing prior to the Garret Anderson Carmax signing which was located at the Angel Stadium Parking lot. The goal today was to get my Garret Anderson jersey signed and the rest of the autographs were just gravy.

The Mariners that signed pregame for me were Kyle Seager, Humberto Quintero, Carter Capps, Brad Miller, Justin Smoak, Dustin Ackley, Charlie Furbush and Joe Saunders who all signed cards for me. Kyle Seager also signed a photo for me as well.

My favorite autograph was from Howard "Hojo" Johnson who is currently the assistant hitting coach for the Mariners. I remember watching him play for the Mets back in the 80s when I was a youngster. It's always nice to add autographs from players from your childhood to your collection. Coach Johnson was nice enough to inscribe his nickname "Hojo" and "2 x World Series Champs" on my baseball.

Afterwards I decided to get in line for the Carmax Garret Anderson signing which took place from 4-6:30pm at the Angels parking lot. I got in line at 3pm and here is a picture below how the line looked like.

I was the second person in line as there was only one other fan who arrived earlier than me. A low turnout at a signing is unheard of in LA since there's always a long line for free signings. It was nice since if there was a small turnout I could get multiple items signed.

While it was getting closer to the time of the signing the representatives of Carmax formed a separate line for people who registered to get their car appraised. Since I didn't register I ended up being pushed back in line to about 30th in line. Garret began to sign as soon as he arrived. He signed multiple items along with inscriptions as only about 100 fans showed up.

In the end Garret inscribed and signed multiple items for the first 50 fans and his handler started to crack down on inscriptions as it got out of hand.

Garret signed my jersey and also added the "2002 World Series Champs" inscription on my jersey. He also signed a photo for me as well.

The photo above was courtesy of my friend David A. who was kind enough to take this photo for me as I was getting my jersey signed by Garret. Thanks David A.

Mission accomplished. It's always a good day when I get a jersey signed. It was nice to get this jersey completed and I was glad to get the jersey signed at a public signing versus in person since Garret gives out a sloppy signature when you get his autograph in person. A perfect example of a quick in person sloppy signature are these two photos I got signed by Garret earlier this year pictured below.

Thanks to my friend Benson who had an extra ticket for me we headed inside for BP. Since the signing took place during batting practice we missed most of it. When we entered the stadium the Mariners were done with batting practice but Nick Franklin stuck around and signed. Luckily I was able to catch him before he was headed towards the dugout. The photo below is courtesy of my friend Kyle who took this photo of me as I was getting my photo signed by Nick Franklin. Thank Kyle.

Afterwards Taijuan Walker rolled by to take photos with friends and family.

Kyle and I had Taijuan sign some baseballs for us.

This was our view of the game.

Overall it was another fun day at the stadium.

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