Sunday, June 2, 2013

NBA Nation Klay Thompson and Darryl Dawkins / Brandon Jennings vs Dorell Wright Flag Football 6-2-13

Benson, James and I decided to attend NBA Nation at Universal City Walk today to get Klay Thompson and Darryl Dawkins' autograph. It was nice to come back to this event since I missed out last year. Klay was scheduled to sign autographs from 2-3pm and Darryl Dawkins was scheduled to sign from 3-6pm.

We ended up arriving a bit late at around 12:30 but surprisingly there weren't that many people waiting in the autograph line. We were about 20th in line. The regulars including Larry, Big Mike and Jordan were first in line as usual. Klay arrived early at around 1pm and ended up participating in the three point contest.

The three point contest went into his autograph time as the organizers announced that Klay would be only signing for 25 minutes instead of the full hour. Luckily we were part of the first batch of fans to get his autograph today. Klay ended up signing two 11x14 photos for me.

James ended up getting a pair of shoes signed as usual which in my opinion was the best item that was signed today.

Darryl Dawkins ended up signing my 12x18 photo for me.

Afterwards since we were in the LA area we decided to check out the Brandon Jennings vs Dorell Wright Flag football game.

It was a close game but Brandon's team ended up beating Dorell's team by one touchdown.

After the game Dorell signed a photo for me.

Brandon signed two photos for me


  1. Man, you everywhere! Haha. I was actually at Universal Studios with the fam today too. Was able to slip out and got Dawkins to sign my card. Missed out on Klay. Your Dawkins photo turned out real nice. He tried to sign the same way (nickname, jersey number) on my card and since there isn't much room, it came out sloppy.

  2. Very nice! Looks like the summer NBA events are starting.