Saturday, October 6, 2012

Steve Nash

When I arrived home after the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chuck Finley signing I ended up getting mail from the Steve Nash Foundation. About a month ago my buddy James texted me that the Steve Nash Foundation was taking donations of $10 dollars and in exchange he would send fans a signed photo. This info was posted on twitter. I decided to give it a try and donated $10 since it was for a good cause and plus it is probably the easiest way I would get Steve Nash's autograph this year.

I was impressed with the quality of the photo. I had low expectations of a basic photo with Steve wearing a shirt from his foundation or something along those lines but the photo is of him hoisting the MVP trophy. I still plan on trying to get Steve Nash's autograph in person this year but this is still a nice start.


  1. Did you send a SASE too? I am going to ry with $10 but did you send a sase?

  2. No it's directly through the website so no SASE. I think they stopped offering the promotion but you can double check.