Saturday, October 6, 2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger Costco Book Signing

Instead of graphing the Raiders at Universal City Walk today Benson and I decided to attend Arnold Schwarzenegger's book signing at Costco in Huntington Beach. The truth is we both wanted to avoid the long drive out to Studio City and also to avoid the insane amount of Raider fans at the signing. We expected chaos, madness and rioting so we decided to pass on the event.

The signing was scheduled to take place from 11am-12pm. We arrived at Costco around 8:30am and we were about 100th in line. We were informed that Arnold would only be signing his book and no outside items and that it was one book per Costco member. Arnold ran a bit late and arrived around 11:30am and began to sign.

We did notice that the first few fans in line were able to get some outside items signed so we were hoping that we would have the same luck. When it was our turn in line we weren't so lucky as his handlers started to crack down and prevented anyone who tried to hand Arnold a personal item to get signed. Arnold's handlers also made each fan bookmark the second page of the book to get signed so that the line would run even faster. We weren't given a choice which page we wanted the book signed. The Governator was signing like a machine barely looking up as he was signing each book.

The line ran really fast since there was barely any fan interaction with Arnold. Here is the photo of the autograph I got.

Overall it was a quick and easy signing. Afterwards we went across the street to Dicks Sporting Goods since Chuck Finley was there for the Grand Opening.

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