Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KC Royals Graphing Recap

The Royals were in town for a three game series against the Angels. I decided to do some post game graphing as usual with the goal of getting Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer's autograph.

7-23-12 Post Game Graphing Recap

Since my goal was to get Mike Moustakas' autograph I decided to wait near the visitors tunnel in the back of the stadium. Last year Moustakas drove in since he is a local guy from Chatsworth. I figured since he drove in last year he would do the same this year and leave through the vistors' tunnel. Baseball players are creatures of habit so normally you can follow their patterns and tendencies. That was a major mistake on my part which I will explain later.

I patiently waited with my friend Brian who was thinking the same thing hoping to get Moustakas' autograph. None of the usual graphers were there which was a sign that something was wrong. It was only me, Brian and two girls from Kansas City carrying a "I love Mike Moustakas" homemade poster waiting for him. There was one car in the lot, an expensive black Mercedes sports car, so we figured it might belong to one of the players. We waited and waited and there was no action. We later on found out that the Mercedes belonged to Alcides Escobar since his driver came up and drove the car down the tunnel. Thus we were basically screwed since all of the players took the bus and Escobar had his driver pick him up.

Brian and I decided to change up our plans so we met up with Benson who was waiting for Kendrys Morales. Kendrys had a game winning hit and drove in three runs during the game. Thus we figured he might be in the mood to sign. Again we struck out as Kendrys ignored our autograph requests as he was walking to his car.

Finally we decided to go to the front of the stadium. In the front all of the usual graphers were there and we got a full report. Mike Moustakas did leave through the front and signed for everyone so again we struck out. Bruce Chen, Jeremie Guthrie, Billy Butler, and Jeff Francour all came out of the front gates and they signed as well. Basically we made a bad decision tonight costing us several autographs.

Luckily I didn't completely strike out tonight. That last three members of the Royals to walk out were Chris Getz, Lorenzo Cain, and Coach Ned Yost who all signed cards for me. As long as I don't strike out I am happy.

7-24-12 Post Game Graphing Recap

I decided to try once again graphing the Royals. This time I made sure to wait by the front gates since I almost got shut out the previous night. Luckily it was a wise choice.

The first player to walk out of the gates was Jeff Francoeur who is of the the most fan friendliest baseball players of all time. He seemed happy to sign for us and wasn't annoyed like how other players get when people ask them for autographs. Jeff signed two cards for me, my 2012 Allen and Ginter card and my 2012 Topps Heritage card.

The next players to walk out were Bruce Chen and Mike Moustakas. Initially Bruce walked out first and all the graphers went after him. In the corner of my eye I saw Mike Moustakas walk out as well, who had his full entourage of friends and family with him. I decided to go for Mike first since I've gotten Bruce Chen's autograph in the past. Plus I figured that I could catch him later as soon as he was finished signing for the rest of the fans.

Mike signed my ROMLB on the SS for me and my 2012 Allen and Ginter card.

As soon as I got Moustakas' autograph I went over to Bruce Chen and had him sign my 2012 Topps Card.

Other notable players to walk out but didn't sign were Yuniesky Betancourt, Billy Butler, and Lorenzo Cain. Chris Getz and Luis Mendoza walked out but nobody asked for an autograph. Ned Yost and the coaching staff walked out as well like the previous night but I didn't have anything for him to sign so I passed.

Although my numbers were low for this series I was happy that I could finally cross Mike Moustakas off my list of autographs I wanted from the 2012 MLB season.


  1. Glad your back David. I enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback and comments Kelly.

  2. As a Chatsworth alum, I am super jealous of the Moustakas autos. I knew I should've gone down there and tried for Mous. Oh well, maybe next season!

    1. I never knew you had ties with Moustakas. Surprisingly he signed both nights post game. I feel very fortunate to add his autograph to my collection. When the Royals are back in town next year you need to join us Josh.