Sunday, July 22, 2012

Angels vs Rangers Weekend Series

After a long hiatus from graphing I decided to try graphing the Rangers since they were in town for a weekend series vs the Angels. The long break from graphing was definitely worth it since it can get tiring at times. I seriously needed the break.

Angels vs Rangers 7-20-12 Post Game Graphing Recap

The first night of graphing was really slow and dead. Since I had work I couldn't make it out to the game so I decided to do some post game graphing. When I arrived at the stadium my buddy Ryan had a gift for me from the game. The legendary ballhawk Zack Hample was in attendance at Angel Stadium and Ryan had a signed copy of his book for me. Zack personalized the book to me and wrote a message for me as well. Thanks again Ryan for getting me a signed copy of Zack's book.

Here is a picture of me, Ryan and Zack from last year at the stadium.

The only player to sign post game was good old Mike Adams who is always nice when it comes to signing autographs. My buddy Kyle had a painting of Mike and was planning on meeting up with him after the game to present it to him. Therefore I knew it was a guaranteed autograph. In exchange for the painting Mike gave Kyle a signed game used glove. Mike signed my 2012 Topps card for me as well.

In terms of graphing that was it. Although I didn't get much it was still fun going out there again hunting for autographs.

Angels vs Rangers 7-21-12 Recap

I was hoping for better results today since I had tickets to the Angels vs Rangers game. Since the game was televised nationally on Fox 11 the game time was 1:05 which is unusual for a game on Saturday. Therefore it felt like a Sunday game with no BP. 

During pre game Matt Harrison signed my 2012 Topps Heritage and Gypsy Queen cards for me.

When I entered the stadium I headed towards the right field where the Rangers pitching staff were doing warmup drills.

I was able to get Alexi Ogando's attention and he was nice enough to toss a warmup baseball to me.

After warmups were over the Rangers pitching staff were signing for the fans. The first player to sign for us was Mark Lowe. Since I didn't have a card of his I ended up getting a 2012 Topps Rangers team card signed by him.

The next player to sign for me was Derek Holland. Derek was nice enough to sign my 2011 WS baseball underneath the WS logo.

Alexi Ogando also signed a 2011 WS baseball for me as well underneath the WS logo.

That was pretty much it for in game graphing.

After the game Benson and I decided to try graphing at the back of the stadium since it was so bad graphing in front of the stadium the night before. This was a wise decision. Derek Holland, Brandon Snyder and Roy Oswalt all walked out together and were looking for their car they were carpooling in. I politely asked Roy if he could sign my baseball for me and he was nice enough to sign my ROMLB on the SS. Roy pretty much ignored all autograph requests by fans during the week so I was shocked he signed for me, Benson and Scott. There was about a group of six of us and he only signed for us three since he was in a rush to leave the stadium.

Angels vs Rangers Pre Game 7-22-12 Recap

The goal today was getting Orel Hershiser's autograph. The game was being televised on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN so we knew that Orel and Terry Francona were going to be at the stadium today. Benson and I were hoping to catch them before they went into the stadium. To kill some time we decided to graph the Rangers again.

Travel days are usually the toughest days to graph since most of the players take the bus and get dropped off inside the stadium. If they do get dropped off outside the stadium then they usually carry their luggage around so they are less inclined to stop and sign.  

We did get lucky however as only about eight fans were waiting for the Rangers. Michael Young did stop and sign and was nice enough to sign my 2011 World Series baseball underneath the WS logo.

The next player to sign was Mike Napoli. I had Mike sign my 2012 Allen and Ginter Card.

After waiting around for Orel there was no sight of him. Thus I called it a day since I was tired from graphing all weekend long. I want to wish my friends Benson and Phil good luck as they are currently going to try getting Orel's autograph post game tonight.

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