Saturday, July 30, 2011

Drew League Part 2 7-30-11

I decided to check out the Drew League again for autographs and also to watch some basketball games up close. I found out through twitter that James Harden and Josh Smith were going to play. As soon as I arrived another grapher informed me that Amare Stoudemire was going to show up to watch the games. About five minutes later I see Amare strolling in but he didn't sign for anyone so I went in to watch Team Go Ham play. Today Demar DeRozan and Cuttino Mobley played for Team Go Ham.

As soon as the game was over everyone went after Amare for autographs. Amare was nice enough to sign my basketball for me.

Next game up was Kings of LA which featured two pros, James Harden of the Thunder and Josh Smith of the Hawks.

I ended up getting Harden and Smith after the game and Kenneth Faried as he was coming into the game.

The third game featured Kenneth Faried vs Austin Daye. In this game Kenneth Faried stole the show with his monstrous slam dunks. Check out this youtube video of this game featuring Kenneth's highlights.

Here are some in game action shots. Note how cool that the NBA players like Nick Young and James Harden stay and watch the games with the crowd. What I love about the Drew League is accessibility to the players and the fact that every seat in the gym is a great seat for basketball.

Looking back now I wish I attended every game. Top pros like Kobe, Lebron and KD stopped by the Drew League over the summer to showcase their skills.


  1. till this day, i am still so jealous of amare!

    1. Don't be jealous James. You have one of the best signed basketball shoe collections out there. My Amare signed basketball doesn't compare to the signed stuff you have bro. When the Drew League rolls around next year we will hit it up together. Hopefully Amare rolls through again this year so you can get him to sign in person as well.